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Languages & Culture 07-03-2008

Language use in the EU

Promoting a multilingual economy, giving citizens access to European Union information in their own languages and encouraging linguistic diversity through language learning: these are the principles underpinning the Commission's multilingualism policy.
Languages & Culture 01-04-2001

eContent and Languages Programme [Archived]

Content (in a language they understand) is what makes people want to use the Internet. One of the actions therefore within the eEurope programme is the launch of the eContent programme to support the production and dissemination of European digital content. Building upon the successes of the INFO2000 and MLIS (Multilingual Information Society) programmes which terminated in 1999, the Commission proposed the eContent Programme ("Multiannual Community programme to stimulate the development and use of European digital content on the global networks and to promote the linguistic diversity in the Information Society"). The eContent programme was adopted by the Council on 22 December 2000.