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Brexit 10-08-2017

Bundestag MPs want EU staff to use German more after Brexit

Three members of Germany's Bundestag have asked Chancellor Angela Merkel to make sure EU institutions use the German language more.
Languages & Culture 18-01-2016

EU to publish job ads in all languages

By the spring, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) will publish notices regarding its selection procedure in all official EU languages, instead of just French, German and English. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Languages & Culture 03-09-2015

Young translators compete for Commission crown

The 2015 edition of the European Commission-promoted Juvenes Translatores competition will focus on the European Year of Development. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Lost in translation
Languages & Culture 04-05-2015

Will the Digital Single Market be multilingual?

The Latvian EU Presidency hosted the Riga Summit on a Multilingual Digital Single Market (DSM) last week, just before the European Commission launches its much-awaited DSM plan.
Languages & Culture 27-09-2013

Eurostat: English reinforces its status as Europe’s ‘lingua franca’

Ninety four percent of upper secondary students learn English as a foreign language, according to new data published by Eurostat yesterday (26 September) to coincide with the European Day for Languages.
Languages & Culture 04-09-2013

Croats tear down Cyrillic signs in Vukovar, reviving Yugoslav war memories

Protesters wielding hammers have torn down bilingual signs in Serbian Cyrillic that were installed on official buildings in the Croat city of Vukovar, in a spate of tension recalling the 1990s Yugoslav war.
Languages & Culture 12-07-2013

French EU circles gripped by feeling of decline: Survey

EXCLUSIVE / A EURACTIV survey of French EU professionals in Brussels, published ahead of Bastille Day, shows that an overwhelming 60% of respondents believe their country’s influence in Europe has declined since the financial and economic crisis swept the continent in 2008.
Languages & Culture 19-06-2013

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Merkel wants more German spoken in EU

Angela Merkel's conservatives want to increase the use of German in Europe if they are re-elected in September, calling in their campaign programme for the language to be treated on a par with English and French in top Brussels institutions.
Languages & Culture 23-04-2013

French EU elite abandons ‘defensive’ stance on language

With the decline of French language in EU institutions now accepted by most as irreversible, French lawmakers and officials have started pushing a more assertive approach, based on the promotion of multilingualism and influence rather than language issues only.
Languages & Culture 22-04-2013

Corsican MEP battles for Europe to protect endangered languages

INTERVIEW / Just as the EU legislates to protect migrating birds and wildlife habitats, it should also protect its 120 or so endangered languages, argues François Alfonsi, a Corsican MEP who has prepared a parliamentary report that could name and shame European wrongdoers.
Languages & Culture 28-11-2012

Italy wins EU court ruling over language rights

European Union job announcements should be published in all 23 official languages, EU judges ruled yesterday (27 November).
Languages & Culture 16-11-2012

European workers lack basic English language skills: Survey

Although the English language plays a central role in today's international business environment, workers in many countries are still struggling with basic communication skills, according to a new report.
Languages & Culture 13-11-2012

Catalan language pride fuels independence debate

Catalonia may be home to Spain’s second city, Barcelona, and one of its most prestigious football clubs, but there is evidence that support for pro-independence parties is on the rise ahead of regional parliamentary elections on 25 November.
Languages & Culture 07-11-2012

The internet is becoming more multilingual: Study

Internationalised domain names (IDNs), which are seen as an essential building block for creating a multilingual internet, are growing in number, according to a new report.
Languages & Culture 27-09-2012

Vassiliou: Immigrants must learn the language of their host country

Speaking in tribute to the European day of languages on Wednesday (26 September), Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou said it was a time to “celebrate” multilingualism in all its forms, but that immigrants must learn the language of their “host” country.
Big Ben
Languages & Culture 04-07-2012

Commission denies English language favouritism

The European Commission has tried to respond to grumbling in the French press about the preferential use of English in EU institutions, saying it is doing its best to maintain multilingualism in the face of budget constraints.
Languages & Culture 02-02-2012

Demand for French classes on the rise in EU circles

Despite the continued dominance of English as a working language, demand for French classes in Brussels has increased, notably among EU staff and accredited diplomats and journalists, says Thierry Lagnau, director of the 'Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe'.
Languages & Culture 30-11-2011

The Internet: A lifeboat for endangered languages?

Although the English language continues to dominate the Internet, the rise of global economic powerhouses like China and Russia has seen a surge in what used to be considered second-tier languages, a Brussels conference heard last week. Meanwhile, the UN predicts that half of the world's 6,000 languages will become extinct by the end of the century.
Languages & Culture 23-11-2011

EU to back job mobility with language classes

The European Commission's language learning schemes are set for a multi-million-euro funding boost under the upcoming 'Erasmus for All' programme due to be unveiled today (23 November).
Languages & Culture 27-09-2011

English asserting itself as new generation’s lingua franca

Pupils across the EU are overwhelmingly studying English as a second language, 82% of these at primary and lower-secondary level, and 95% at upper-secondary level, a Eurostat survey published  yesterday (26 September) on the occasion of the tenth European Day of Languages.
Languages & Culture 15-07-2011

EU online observatory for multilingualism underway

By the end of 2012, the EU will have an online observatory for multilingualism, which will document best practice in implementing language policies and showcase concrete tools for solving everyday communication problems. Uwe Mohr, head of the EU project 'Poliglotti4.eu', spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
Languages & Culture 28-06-2011

Languages ‘help build trust’ in trade, business relations

Companies that learn the language of the countries they do business with will thrive in the future, making it easier to build trust relationships and helping them to understand how people think, according to Martin Hope, head of an EU project called 'Language Rich Europe'. He spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
Languages & Culture 10-06-2011

Europe pays tribute to deceased Spanish writer

European political leaders are paying tribute to Jorge Semprún, a Spanish prize-winning and politically committed novelist, a French Resistance fighter, a concentration camp survivor and former culture minister in post-Franco Spain, who passed away late on Tuesday at the age of 87.
Languages & Culture 31-05-2011

Italy, Spain take patent fight to court

Italy and Spain yesterday (30 May) lodged a complaint with the European Court of Justice against attempts by other member states to introduce an EU patent without them.

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