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Languages & Culture 30-09-2015

What Europe can learn from India

Pundits often point to the US as a model for Europe. They should be looking east instead, writes Amit S. Mukherjee.
Languages & Culture 02-12-2013

Tower of Babel in the European Schools’ classrooms?

European Schools are reforming their education system and there is a clear risk that pupils will be taught core disciplines in a different language than their mother tongue which will create a considerable gap between the European baccalaureate and national higher education, parents write.
Languages & Culture 16-09-2013

A truly multilingual capital for the European Union

To meet Brussels’s exceptional linguistic challenge, the 'Marnix Plan' wants to mobilise Brussels’s diverse linguistic competence into an exciting collaborative project, writes Philippe Van Parijs.

Europe’s highly skilled 20-30 year olds in times of austerity

Tired of vague promises and little government action, the EU’s university graduates demand clear political messages, defined strategies and informed government choices, says Raya Kardasheva.
Enlargement 15-04-2005

The teaching of modern languages in the NMS

The Eurydice network has just published the first study, funded by the European Commission, on the teaching of foreign languages in an enlarged Europe of 30 countries (25 Members of the EU, plus Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). It uses the 2001-2002 figures, DREE Revue Elargissement reports.

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