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Economy 29-09-2022

The EU’s magic solution

Welcome to EURACTIV’s weekly Economy Brief. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. The European Commission’s recent decision to suspend €7.5 billion of EU cohesion funds to Hungary is meant to push Orbán’s government to redress at least some of...
Vicky Cann, Corporate Europe Observatory
Public Affairs 21-01-2015

Old Commissioners, new revolving doors

Only three months after the Barroso II Commission left office, some prominent members have already made moves in their professional careers which are putting to test the EU executive’s policy on revolving doors, writes Vicky Cann.
Sports 16-09-2014

Including people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace

SPECIAL REPORT: About 300 scholars, athletes and policymakers gathered on Monday (15 September) at the Special Olympics scientific symposium to discuss new and better ways to include people with intellectual disabilities in the labour market.
Overtime is more prevalent among German workers than their EU counterparts. Berlin, 2009 [Mundus Gregorius/Flickr]

German workers put in more overtime than EU counterparts

According to EU statistics, German employees put in the most overtime work in the eurozone, with an average of 60% of these hours going unpaid. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Commission to help Belgian Ford workers get new jobs

On 22 August, the European Commission proposed funding for redundant car workers in Belgium’s Ford factory to acquire new skills and find new jobs. Based in the Flemish city of Genk, the workers were told in October 2012 that they would be laid off in 2014.

German wages not rising sharply enough, says EU commissioner

European Employment Commissioner Laszlo Andor said wages in Germany were not climbing sharply enough and the government should ensure that salaries increased in line with productivity.
laszlo Andor

Parliament aims to reinvigorate European Youth Initiative

Unemployment rates in Europe have not fallen, despite the European Youth Initiative coming into force in January 2014. MEPs have raised the alarm, and called for greater financial resources. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 18-07-2014

Commission to meet Microsoft over mass redundancies

The European Commission has asked to meet Microsoft to discuss the layoff of thousands of EU workers, as the tech giant trims its newly-acquired Nokia subsidiary
Youth unemployment

EU convenes emergency meeting to rescue Youth Employment Initiative

Brussels is hosting a special seminar Friday (11 July) to help EU member states receive funding as soon as possible under the the EU's Youth Employment Initiative (YEI), which has so far failed to deliver results.

Youth Guarantee funds ‘locked’ in Sweden

The Swedish government has “locked” €118 million worth of EU money made available for Sweden under the EU’s Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) because it could send the country’s finances above the agreed EU deficit limit.
An e-Waste collection centre in South America [Photo: Curtis Palmer, Flickr]

EU tables ‘circular economy’ package with zero-landfill goal

The European Commission issued proposals yesterday (2 July) to increase recycling and phase out landfilling, with a series of legally-binding measures aimed at nudging the EU towards a lean "circular economy".
Low-skilled workers

Recession hit low-skilled workers hardest, data shows

Employment and recruitment activity in the European Union significantly decreased during the economic crisis (2008-2012), leaving low-skilled workers overtaken by medium-skilled ones, while flexible job contracts mushroomed, a fresh report from the European Commission showed.
Labour market

Commission publishes health and safety strategy for EU workers

Every year more than three million workers are victims of a serious accident at work in the EU and 4,000 people die in workplace accidents. The Commission today (June 6) published a new strategy framework on Health and Safety at Work for 2014-2020.
youth unemplyment

Brussels cast doubts on French Youth Initiative

Funding from the EU's Youth Employment Initiative in France was given the green light, but the European Commission has not let up on its criticism of the French version of the scheme. EURACTIV France reports.
Student protest

France to jumpstart Youth Unemployment Initiative funding

France has become the first EU country to receive funding from the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) to tackle unemployment among young people. The European Commission will make funding available so that France can receive €620 million from the YEI and the European Social Fund (ESF). 

European Semester: First-ever EU ‘social indicators’ fail to impress

The European Commission's social affairs and employment policy recommendations to EU countries have been criticised as inconsistent and a "missed opportunity."

Embed social innovation in policy-making to deliver on Europe 2020

We are at a defining point in the development of the European Union. A stronger EU architecture can only be created through more solidarity and innovation, and more efficient social investment. This is what has to be encouraged and also supported, writes László Andor.

EU prepares first ‘social monitoring’ report

As the European Commission prepares to issue its first-ever social policy recommendations in the framework of the strengthened European Semester of economic policy coordination, there are lingering questions as to what the whole process will actually achieve, with critics branding it a "communications exercise".
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Economy 17-04-2014

MEPs approve ‘improved conditions’ for posted workers

MEPs approved on Wednesday a draft law to improve the working conditions of posted workers, people employed in one EU Member State but sent to temporarily work in another country.
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Economy 10-04-2014

Commission proposes EU platform to tackle undeclared work

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday the creation of a pan-European platform to aimed at preventing and detering undeclared work more effectively.

Brussels mulls steps to curb EU shadow economy

The Commission proposed yesterday (9 April) the creation of an EU-wide platform to fight against undeclared work in all 28 member states, to help them share their best practices.
EU Elections 2014 08-04-2014

Centre-right youth wants to change EU decision-making rules

A Brussels' debate on the involvement of young people in EU politics turned sour for a while when Commissioner László Andor and the representative of the European People's Party (EPP) youth chapter clashed over the functioning of the union and why the 28-country bloc is unattractive to young voters.
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Economy 13-01-2014

Commission releases guide on social benefits for EU migrants

Brussels published on Monday a new guide on social benefits for EU migrants, amid a fierce debate on immigration across Europe. The guide aims to clarify the worker's place of residence and therefore, which country is responsible for providing social welfare. It comes at a a time when countries like the UK are trying to reduce the social benefits EU migrants can claim. With the European elections in sight, fears of what some already call 'benefit tourism' are spreading across the continent.
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Commission: We don’t understand Switzerland’s discriminatory approach to immigration

After Switzerland announced it will organise a controversial referendum on migration quotas, the European Commission said on Tuesday that they don't fully understand the discriminatory approach'.