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Renata Dubini
Development Policy 16-11-2016

America’s own refugee crisis prompts UN call to action

Europe isn’t the only region facing a refugee crisis. Rising levels of violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras - the so-called ‘Northern Triangle’ – is causing displacement in Central and North America, said Renata Dubini, Director of the UN Refugee Agency’s Bureau for the Americas.
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Agenda for Change 01-07-2013

Spanish NGOs blast the Commission for scaling down EU aid in Latin America

EU Cooperation Policy with Latin America is currently under the spotlight as the new EU overseas aid policy will strip middle-income countries of development financial aid. Latin America's fast economic growth will leave some of its nations out of Europe's aid scope. In an attempt to improve aid effectiveness, Brussels wants EU funding to target the 48 least-developed countries in the world, most of them in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Global Europe 28-01-2013

Europe changes tone in Latin America

Five years ago during the closing speeches of a summit in Chile, Spain's king told Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to "shut up" in an exchange that epitomised the fruitless meetings between Europe and Latin America at the time.