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Energy 19-03-2021

The untapped green energy potential of the Baltic States

Offshore wind could not only propel the Baltics to the forefront of the energy transition, but also to the ranks of clean energy exporters, writes Lukas Trakimavičius.
Elections 05-10-2018

West should watch closely the Latvia elections

In the light of growing Russian disinformation campaigns, we should watch the parliamentary elections in Latvia tomorrow (6 October) closely, writes Harry Nedelcu.

Why it is crucial to end orphanage-style care systems in Europe

Strengthening families and tackling child poverty goes hand-in-hand with ending institutional care for children, writes Jana Hainsworth.
Global Europe 05-07-2016

Warsaw NATO Summit: Time to act

Tomasz Poręba discusses the ever-growing threat coming from Russia and the importance of the upcoming Warsaw NATO Summit in order to strengthen Europe’s eastern border.
Health 20-04-2016

EU must not backslide on sexual and reproductive rights

It would have been hard to miss the recent furore caused by Donald Trump’s flip-flopping around on the Republican abortion bandwagon. But frankly, what worries me much more is what is happening here in Europe, writes Caroline Hickson.
Energy 26-01-2016

Misuse of EU funds holds back Europe’s clean energy transition

The new member states from Central Europe misuse the EU funding aimed at decarbonizing their energy systems, writes Markus Trilling, who takes stock of a report published today (26 January).
Languages & Culture 18-09-2015

An appeal from Central Europe on the refugee crisis

Unlike the former colonial powers, Central European states have little experience of co-existing with people of different cultures. But in refusing to help, they undermine the solidarity that other nations have shown towards them, write politicians, artists and intellectuals from Central Europe.
Europe's East 10-04-2015

Eastern countries deserve an enlargement perspective at the Riga summit

The EU should give a clear enlargement perspective to the Eastern Parthernship countries at the May summit in Riga, writes Krzysztof Bobinski.
Health 01-12-2014

Urgent action needed against ‘duo infernale’ of HIV and tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) and multi drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) are currently experiencing a dangerous upsurge across Europe. It is a public health crisis that is receiving too little attention, write Giovanni Battista Migliori and Stefano Alberti.
Agnia Grigas
Europe's East 28-11-2014

The new generation of Baltic Russian speakers

It is helpful to try to understand the new generation of Russian speaking young adults and their views in order to understand the complexity of the dynamics faced by populations of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, writes Agnia Grigas.
Agnia Grigas
Energy 22-09-2014

Klaipeda’s LNG terminal: a game changer

The Klaipeda LNG terminal will enable Lithuania and its neighbours to access alternatives to Russian gas and will serve as the flagship for Baltic efforts to successfully address their persistent energy vulnerability, writes Agnia Grigas.
Enlargement 23-09-2003

Latvia: Saying ‘I Do’ to Europe

The last of nine countries to hold a referendum on joining the European Union voted decisively pro-Europe. Ethnic Russians who didn't get to vote are appealing the results.
Enlargement 04-08-2003

Less than half of Latvians support EU membership

Could Latvia spoil this year's unbroken string of successful European Union referendums?
Enlargement 13-11-2002

Latvia’s New Government Faces a Steep Learning Curve

Latvia’s New Government Faces a Steep Learning Curve New Prime Minister Einars Repse has formed a government dominated by political babes. The former central banker founded the New Era (JL) party a year ago on promises to fight corruption and...
Elections 15-10-2002

Ungainly Coalition Tipped To Take the Reins in Latvia

Ungainly Coalition Tipped To Take the Reins in Latvia A coalition of conservatives–along with farmers and Greens–looks set to form Latvia’s next government, one that may face many obstacles to serving a full four-year term. President Vaira Vike-Freiberga is expected...
Elections 08-10-2002

Latvia: All Change

Latvia: All Change Prime minister’s party disappears from parliament as Latvian voters plump for new parties and the former governor of the central bank. Latvian voters from across the political spectrum have spoken loud and clear: Out with the old,...
Elections 03-10-2002

Right or Left, West is Direction For Latvian Voters

Right or Left, West is Direction For Latvian Voters Ahead of general elections on 5 October, two parties currently running well in opinion polls could throw a spanner into the political mainstream’s strong support for bringing the country into NATO...
Enlargement 02-10-2002

Accession preparation: the case of Latvian customs

Accession preparation: the case of Latvian customs Decision to join the European Union substantially affects the work of customs, since the functioning of customs in accordance with the standards set by the EU is one of the preconditions for the...
Elections 16-08-2002

Latvia Bars Candidates With a Communist Past From Elections

Latvia Bars Candidates With a Communist Past From Elections Latvia’s Central Election Committee last week registered 20 political parties or unions eligible to run for seats in parliamentary elections in the fall. It also struck two people off the candidate...