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Technology 26-05-2015

Net neutrality faces unwilling Council negotiators

A European Council communication sent to Parliament Friday (22 May) shows that it hasn't budged on net neutrality. The Council is pushing back against lawmakers' earlier move towards rules that would prevent telecoms from giving some internet traffic special treatment.
Energy 28-04-2015

Latvian Presidency proposes 1 January 2019 as start of reformed CO2 market

A new proposal from Latvia, holder of the EU Presidency, puts forward a date of 1 January 2019 to start reforms of the Emissions Trading System (ETS), according to EU sources, as part of efforts to seal a compromise deal.
Armenia 26-02-2015

Riga to host ‘Eastern Partnership survival summit’

Edgars Rink?vi?s, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, didn’t mince his words Thursday (26 February) when he called the summit of the Eastern Partnership his country is hosting next May, in its capacity as holder of the rotating EU presidency, “a survival summit”.
Les dirigeants européens avec le président Lukashenko, le 12 février à Minsk [Photo Kremlin]
Europe's East 20-02-2015

EU no longer sees Lukashenko as ‘last dictator’

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's hosting of Ukraine peace talks may have a side effect at home - helping thaw relations between the European Union and a man the West calls "Europe's last dictator".
Europe's East 13-01-2015

Latvia tempts Russia with lifting of sanctions

The European Union will consider lifting sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis only if there is "real progress" in implementing a four-month-old ceasefire deal, Latvia's foreign minister said yesterday (12 January).
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Languages & Culture 12-01-2015

Folk dancers inaugurate Latvia’s EU presidency

Latvia's presidency of the European Council attracted some attention on Monday after it held a traditional folk dance in the Council's building in Brussels.
Development Policy 12-01-2015

Officials adjust terrorism challenge to European Year for Development

The emotions following the Paris terrorist attacks left a mark on the messages of EU officials during the launch on Friday (9 January) in Riga of the “European Year for Development 2015”.
Public Affairs 08-01-2015

Latvia proposes ‘alternative’ to Russian TV propaganda

Latvia, which took over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU on 1 January, intends to launch independent quality media in Russian language which could include a Russian-language TV channel to counter Kremlin propaganda, a high ranking government official told journalists in Riga.
Armenia 08-01-2015

Latvia claims its presidency won’t be ‘anti-Russian’

Latvia, which took over the rotating EU Presidency on 1 January, will try to overcome stereotypes and convince Moscow that its intentions are in no way anti-Russian, the country’s foreign minister Edgars Rink?vi?s told journalists in Riga yesterday (7 January).
Development Policy 10-12-2014

Gobi?š: The European Year for Development 2015 started in Latvia

A telephone conversation in 2010 launched the idea of designating 2015 as European Year for Development, Andris Gobi?š told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Central Asia 21-11-2014

Upcoming Latvian EU presidency slammed for anti-Russian bias

Russia protested today (21 November) statements by the Latvian ambassador to the EU for having made comments about Russian propaganda,  at a public event highlighting the priorities of the upcoming Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.