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Climate change 30-05-2016

Trump threatens to ‘cancel’ COP21 agreement

Just hours after clinching the necessary number of delegates to become the Republican nominee, Donald Trump unveiled new energy plans that would see the US overhaul "draconian climate rules" in order to stimulate job growth in the oil and gas sector. EURACTIV’s partner edie.net reports.
Agrifood 10-02-2016

Paris ups anti-Brussels rhetoric over farming row

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls challenged Europe over the agricultural crisis on Monday (8 February), as farmers stepped up their protests against low meat prices. EURACTIV France reports.
Climate change 15-12-2015

Where does the road from Paris lead?

The Paris climate deal is a tremendous, historic achievement. For the first time since the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, the world has been able to agree on a common path to fight climate change, writes Jim Currie.
Climate change 14-12-2015

COP21 hailed as shining example of French diplomacy

Establishing a consensus on climate change between 195 countries was an enormous challenge. France’s diplomats have been universally congratulated for their considerable achievements at the COP21. EURACTIV France reports
Climate change 14-12-2015

Sketch: COP21 circus ends with love letters to Paris

“It’s like a European Council summit on drugs that goes on for weeks,” one flustered delegate at the UN Climate Change Conference told your reporter last week.
Climate change 12-12-2015

COP21 celebrations, but governments must mind the emissions gap

World governments today (12 December) agreed a historic international agreement to fight global warming at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris.
Climate change 11-12-2015

In last hours of COP21, its ambition rises by half a degree

It would have been unthinkable just a few months ago, but a new global deal to combat climate change expected to be wrapped-up today (11 December) appears poised to set the world a much more ambitious target than expected.
Climate change 09-12-2015

New ‘clean’ COP21 deal due today as deadline looms

The latest draft of the international agreement to cap global warming will be published today (9 December) at 1300, Laurent Fabius, the president of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) said on Tuesday night (8 December).
Development Policy 04-12-2015

COP21: Indian officials accuse OECD of exaggerating climate aid

A row has broken out at the Paris climate talks as Indian officials accused one of the world’s leading think tanks of exaggerating the amount of money given to poor countries to help them cope with global warming.
Climate change 01-12-2015

COP21: A shaky start to negotiations

World leaders made a grand display of impotence at the opening of the COP21 in Paris on Monday (30 November). The ambitions of the big emitters remain as low as ever. EURACTIV France reports.
Climate change 26-11-2015

France’s national emergency threatens to smother climate activism

The arrival of 147 heads of state in Paris on Sunday will take place under a draconian security regime. With many NGO demonstrations cancelled, some plan to turn to civil disobedience to make their voices heard. EURACTIV France reports
Climate change 26-11-2015

Jean-Paul Chanteguet: ‘Laurent Fabius must stay on as minister of foreign affairs post-COP21’

The follow-up to COP21 will be crucial, the president of France's National Assembly’s Environment Committee told Aline Robert, the Editor-in-Chief of EURACTIV France.
Europe's East 23-11-2015

Steinmeier: Russia is serious about solution in Syria

Russia feels increasingly under threat from developments in the Middle East and appears to be serious about cooperating with the West to resolve the war in Syria, Germany's foreign minister said yesterday (22 November).
Climate change 09-11-2015

Brussels and Naples at risk of flooding if temperatures rise by 4°C

Rising sea levels caused by climate change could destroy the homes of 700 million people and flood large parts of Europe. EURACTIV France reports
Climate change 09-11-2015

‘Life on planet at stake’, France warns as climate ministers meet

France's top diplomat, who will preside over December's Paris summit tasked with signing a climate rescue pact, has warned of looming planetary "catastrophe" if negotiations fail.
Med & South 29-09-2015

Putin, Obama differ on Bashar al-Assad’s future

Russia and the United States agreed on Monday (28 September) to look for a diplomatic end to the Syrian civil war, but clashed over the central question of whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should retain power.

Luxembourg wants Orbán isolated for ‘smashing’ EU values

Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg's Minister of Foreign Affairs, sharply criticised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday (3 September) for saying refugees should not come to Europe, and that Muslims are not welcome in Hungary.

Fossil fuel divestment still only at ‘symbolic’ level

Almost 400 institutions have signed up to the global fossil fuel divestment campaign since 2012, but an NGO report has warned that their commitments are not enough to make a real difference. Journal de l'Environnement reports

Fabius calls Eastern Europe’s reluctance to receive migrants ‘scandalous’

European Union leaders yesterday (30 August) called for action to defend the "dignity" of migrants ahead of fresh emergency talks, as tensions flared on the bloc's eastern borders over the escalating crisis.
Climate change 31-08-2015

COP 21 agreement set to miss CO2 reduction target by 10 gigatons

Current national plans for CO2 emissions reduction will fall ten gigatons short of the cut required, if the UN is to meet its target of limiting the global temperature rise to +2°C. EURACTIV France reports
Europe's East 19-08-2015

Western leaders to ask Poroshenko to deliver on the Minsk agreement

The leaders of France, Germany and Ukraine will meet in Berlin on Monday (24 August) in a bid to bring an end to a new wave of violence in Ukraine, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said.
Global Europe 29-07-2015

French MPs provoke anger across Europe with visit to Crimea

A group of pro-Russian French MPs has provoked outcry across Europe on a visit to Crimea. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 23-07-2015

Small island states set example for large polluters ahead of COP 21

As international negotiations begin to slow down ahead of COP 21, small island states have come out fighting for an ambitious climate deal. EURACTIV France reports
Climate change 06-07-2015

Cities and regions call for access to Green Climate Fund

In a joint declaration published after the World Summit for Climate & Territories, leaders from around the world called for access to the Green Climate Fund to be improved. EURACTIV France reports