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Future EU 12-01-2009

Crises send Blair top of EU presidency list

While the European Union grapples with its latest international crisis over gas supply and the Israeli incursion into Gaza, EU officials and diplomats seem more determined than ever to improve the chances of Tony Blair becoming EU president.
EU Priorities 2020 07-04-2008

Blair and Merkel top EU-wide poll

A poll by Harris Interactive found most European citizens consider German Chancellor Angela Merkel to be the most influential leader in Europe, while Tony Blair is currently the preferred candidate for the job of EU President. However, a large proportion say they would prefer the job not to be created at all.
EU Priorities 2020 19-06-2007

Merkel and Barroso best to lead EU – poll

EU citizens recognise the need for more political leadership in the Union and think Angela Merkel, José Manuel Barroso or the Euro Group are most likely to provide it, according to a TNS poll published ahead of the June European Summit in Brussels.