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Euro & Finance 23-11-2016

Romania’s huge EU funding net gain revealed

Romania's contribution to the EU budget over the last decade only totalled €13 billion, according to the country's very first European Commissioner. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Languages & Culture 13-11-2008

Orban: Multilingualism ‘cost of democracy’ in EU

Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban has spoken to EURACTIV Slovakia of his conviction that the dossier will continue to be afforded "its own place" in the EU policy framework after the expiry of the European Commission's current mandate in autumn 2009.
Languages & Culture 02-04-2008

Orban: Importance of multilingualism ‘will not diminish’

The multilingualism portfolio is too important to be sacrificed by the next European Commission, Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban said in an interview with EURACTIV Romania. As proof of this, Turkish could become the next official EU language provided that Cyprus concludes reunification talks, he indicated.
Languages & Culture 07-06-2007

Orban: ‘With multilingualism, I have the possibility to build something new’

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban speaks of his conviction that the EU's official language tally will continue to grow, and expresses his hopes that new translation technologies and motivating language education will bear fruit.