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Green grandee: Obama should ban oil and coal sales

President Obama should ban oil and coal sales to stimulate the low carbon energy transition, EU shale gas subsidies are a joke, and the bloc should stop importing bioenergy from non-Kyoto Protocol signatories, says Lester Brown.

Brown: ‘We are on the edge’ regarding food security

The world faces a severe food security crisis as a result of climate change, soil erosion and population growth. Food security is a much greater threat to national security than armed aggression, Lester Brown told EURACTIV in this exclusive interview on the fringes of the 'Forum for the Future of Agriculture'.
Climate change 11-05-2010

Brown: US climate bill or not, the world is on track

Leaders did not deliver an international agreement in Copenhagen and the US is dragging its feet on a climate bill, but all is not lost as positive action on reducing carbon emissions is developing quickly and we are rapidly approaching the climate-energy tipping point, American climate guru Lester Brown told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

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