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Technology 13-03-2012

New step in telecoms unbundling finds tough hurdles

An attempt by the Italian Parliament to further liberalise telecom services has spurred an unprecedentedly tough reaction from top European operators and regulators that say the changes could protect vested interests.
Health 08-03-2012

Private role in delivering water raises questions

When the European Commission launched an investigation early this year into possible price fixing by French water utilities, the move added ammunition to campaign groups that oppose privatisation of a vital public resource.
Global Europe 10-02-2012

EU-India trade deal not yet in sight

European and Indian officials don’t expect much will come out of the EU-India Summit today (10 February) in New Delhi, but leaders on both sides will assess progress on negotiations towards a Free Trade Agreement, which seems stuck in disputes over tariffs.
Energy 05-05-2008

Liberalising the EU energy sector

Industries and private households are in theory able to freely choose their energy supplier following the entry into force of EU directives in 2004 and 2007, but many obstacles remain, with a single European energy market still far from reality. To make up for the shortcomings, the European Commission has made further legislative proposals, including controversial plans to separate the production and distribution arms of large integrated energy firms such as France's EDF and Germany's E.ON.
Technology 30-04-2008

Is functional separation a cure-all?

Functional separation of the European telecoms industry should not be seen as a "panacea" for the industry's ills as it creates larger negative side effects than the problems it seeks to alleviate, argues IDATE Director Julien Salanave in an April news update for the ICT market analysis and consulting firm.
Public Affairs 03-09-2007

New Brussels think-tank aims to ‘encourage EU to liberalise’

Pro-liberalisation think-tank the Globalisation Institute has launched a Brussels centre of operations. According to Alex Singleton, founder and president, it aims "to research, develop and promote practical policy options that increase competitiveness and replace harmful regulation". 
Energy 04-07-2007

Electricity markets liberalisation: Are fears justified?

Introducing liberalisation as a way to decrease prices was a communication mistake, says Antoine Pellion, in a paper for the Robert Schuman Foundation. It is crucial to take a long-term assessment of the benefits of opening European electricity markets to competition, he claims.
Transport 22-06-2007

EU agrees to liberalise rail by 2010

After nearly three years of arduous negotiations, Parliament and Council reached a breakthrough that will pave the way to opening up European rail transport markets and guaranteeing minimum passenger rights and train-driver skills. 
Transport 18-06-2007

Financing Universal Service for mail delivery

With full postal-market liberalisation due in 2011, the Commission wants to guarantee that European citizens continue to enjoy the right to a full universal service. A variety of financial-support mechanisms have been suggested, but many fear that none will appropriately ensure the same level of service as the current monopoly system.

Trade unions want public services protected

European trade unions have launched a Europe-wide petition calling on the Commission to establish rules to protect public services that are vital to the health and well-being of citizens.
Brexit 17-10-2006

Analysis: Cross-Border Consolidation in the Financial Services Industry in Europe

This CEPS paper reports on a recent conference that examined developments, obstacles and policy initiatives regarding the integration of financial services in the EU.
Competition 19-01-2006

Parliament rejects port services directive

The Parliament has resoundingly rejected the Commission's proposal to open port services to more competition, calling instead for a a directive on transparency and fair conditions of competition between ports.
Future EU 02-03-2005

OECD report: EU needs more labour reform

A new benchmarking report by the OECD argues that EU member states must do more to reform their labour markets, speed up liberalisation of their network industries and reduce producer support to agriculture.