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Digital & Media 15-10-2018

5G and IoT licensing: Are we better connected?

A vital first step to making a European success story of 5G and the ‘Internet of Things’ is to help businesses manufacturing connected products understand the wireless technology licensing environment. That is why a group of innovative European companies have published a detailed draft guidance to help inform them.
Transport 23-11-2006

MEPs pave way for single EU driving licence

A single European driving licence, valid for a maximum of 15 years, looks set to replace the multitude of licences currently valid in member states.
Digital & Media 11-07-2002

Comparative Assessment of the Licensing Regimes for 3G in the EU and their Impact on the Mobile Comm

  Comparative Assessment of the Licensing Regimes for 3G Mobile Communications in the European Union and their Impact on the Mobile Communications Sector What regulatory lessons can be learned from the Third Generation Mobile Licensing Process in the European Union...
Health 26-03-2002

A license to cure

A license to cure “Drug companies are more and more likely to license promising pharmaceutical compounds from other companies rather than develop their own. But does licensing pay?” The McKinsey Quarterly, 2000 Number 1 Policy relevance: This article gives good...