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Air Quality 04-03-2020

Air pollution main risk factor for mortality worldwide, says new study

Air pollution is the world's leading cause of mortality as it reduces a person's lifespan by three years on average, according to a study published on Tuesday (3 March). EURACTIV's partner Le Journal de l'Environment reports.
Health 29-11-2019

UK relies on migration to sustain health system, says new report

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) faces increasing demand thanks to historical underfunding and recruitment deficits, according to a European Commission report published on Thursday (28 November). 
Health 29-11-2016

An opportunity to fix Europe’s gender health gap

Gender equality has long been debated in Europe and, despite numerous initiatives, it remains a big issue, particularly in terms of the health gap between men and women, writes Peter Baker.
Development Policy 20-05-2016

SDG progress hampered by insufficient mortality data

Life expectancy is at its highest in Europe and the average is globally rising at a significant rate except in Africa, according to new figures released by the World Health Organisation. But its work is being hurt by a lack of data to analyse. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 10-09-2013

Gaps in EU life expectancy, infant mortality narrow

The variations in life expectancy and infant mortality - historically wide between EU member states - are narrowing, according to a report published on Monday (9 September) by the European Commission.

Brussels wants pensions pegged to life expectancy

The European Commission is working to convince member states to adopt "automatic adjustments" in their pension legislations so that the retirement age is pegged to longevity, reads an internal document obtained by EURACTIV.
Health 26-01-2011

MEPs warn governments not to cut health spending

MEPs have called on member states not to divert money and resources away from health care, concerned that austerity measures will widen health gaps in the EU.