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Euro & Finance 07-01-2014

Brussels shies away from forcing banking sector split

In a draft proposal, the European Commission appears on course to step back from earlier plans that would rigorously force large banks to hive off their lending business from their risker trading operations.
Euro & Finance 02-10-2012

Liikanen group urges splitting retail, high-risk banking

Banks should separate deposit banking from trading and other high-risk investment to shield taxpayers from further bailouts and protect savers, an EU advisory group said on Tuesday (2 October).
Future EU 13-07-2004

New commissioner Olli Rehn aims for strong economic portfolio

Following his approval by the Council, the new Finnish Commissioner Olli Rehn has taken office in Brussels with responsibility for the Enterprise and InfoSoc portfolios. His key ambitions lie in economic affairs.
Elections 19-04-2004

Liikanen set to become new Finnish bank chief; Olli Rehn possibly new Commissioner

Enterprise Commissioner Erkki Liikanen was nominated as new governor of the Finnish Central Bank, but the final decision has not yet been taken and more candidates are still in the running.
Security 08-01-2004

Commission seeks to boost security research

The Commission seeks to boost security research through its ongoing Preparatory Action, Commissioner Erkki Liikanen has said.
Technology 12-06-2003

Industry seeks bigger role in EU Net Security Agency

Computer-related companies want a bigger role in improving European Internet security and express support for the emerging Network Security Agency.

The Entrepreneurial Manifesto of EBS

After two days of discussions, the European Business Summit has called for a more innovative and a more creative Europe in a less regulated Internal Market