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Non-discrimination 15-01-2021

Commission rejects call for new laws protecting national minorities

The European Commission said on Friday (15 January) that it would not propose new laws in response to a petition demanding a protection package for national minorities that garnered 1.1 million signatures across the EU.
Languages & Culture 29-03-2018

EU citizens’ initiative demands protection for minority communities

There is still one week left to collect signatures for the European Citizen’s Initiative, which aims to introduce common EU standards to protect national minority groups. EURACTIV Poland’s media partner “Gazeta Wyborcza” reports.
Brexit 10-08-2017

Bundestag MPs want EU staff to use German more after Brexit

Three members of Germany's Bundestag have asked Chancellor Angela Merkel to make sure EU institutions use the German language more.
Politics 24-04-2017

EU offers more language choice to hopeful recruits

The EU has changed the language requirements for its recruitment process. Prospective candidates will now have a wider choice and no longer be limited to just English, French or German during the selection procedure.
Languages & Culture 19-12-2016

New language protocol seeks to level linguistic playing field

More than a hundred ambassadors representing 25 minority European languages signed a protocol guaranteeing linguistic rights this weekend. EURACTIV Spain reports.

Languages & Culture 22-01-2010

Commission wants fewer Anglophone spokespersons

Despite the EU executive's efforts to hire a more multilingual and diverse team for its spokespersons' service, critics condemn the "dangerous" trend in the European institutions towards the linguistic and cultural hegemony of the English language.
Languages & Culture 10-04-2009

Europe loses patience with Flemish government

The three French-speaking mayors who have been prevented by Flemish authorities from taking their duties in the Brussels surrounding area following their election in 2006, have been encouraged to take their issue to court.
Languages & Culture 26-09-2007

Orban: ‘Languages really mean business’

Language diversity should be seen as an opportunity that European businesses can exploit rather than an obstacle, Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban announced at a conference in Brussels on 21 September.
Languages & Culture 15-06-2006

Špidla: Europeans miss out on mobility experience

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimír Špidla highlights the challenges and opportunities of working in a different country in the EU.

Discomfort of strangers

The author of this essay, David Goodhart, analyses the tensions between the values of solidarity and diversity.

Commission helps build business case for implementing diversity policies

A recent report published by the Commission has found that the implementation of diversity policies bring short and medium term benefits for companies.
Economy & Jobs 14-02-2003

Reding reveals details of future action plan on linguistic diversity

Speaking at the European Parliament, Viviane Reding, Education Commissioner, revealed details on the future action plan for language-learning and linguistic diversity on 11 February 2003.
multilingualism 27-09-2002

Council of Europe calls for linguistic diversity on the internet

On this year's 'European Day of Languages', 26 September, the Council of Europe calls for linguistic diversity on the internet.