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Christophe Leclercq [Lisbon Council]

Replace ‘Lisbon Agenda’ and ‘Europe 2020’ with ‘Innovation Mandate 2019′

EU socio-economic goals are usually bundled into five-year policy initiatives. The two previous 'agendas' were weak, and then overshadowed by the debt crisis. The next one should appeal more broadly, while spurring more momentum for change, writes Christophe Leclercq.
Euro & Finance 07-02-2013

Delors’ disciple: Americans and British attacked the euro

The British and the Americans used the press to attack the euro , but the strategy failed and it's now the dollar that is in trouble, contends Marc Luyckx Ghisi, a researcher close to former European Commission President Jacques Delors. 

Europe must go to ‘nature’ school

After the failure of the Lisbon Agenda and in anticipation of 'Europe 2020', the EU must draft a new civilisation project that respects the environment and future generations, leading Europe towards a new industrial revolution capable of giving birth to a "natural" capitalism, writes Laurent Ledoux, director of Philosophie & Management and a senior executive in a major bank.
Central Europe 27-04-2010

Romania takes aim at ‘Europe 2020’ strategy

Romanian President Traian Basescu has criticised the European Commission's proposed ten-year economic strategy for lacking commitments to pursuing the EU's goal of bridging regional development gaps and promoting "unattainable" targets, such as allocating 3% of GDP to research and development. EURACTIV Romania reports.
EU Priorities 2020 02-02-2010

EU 2020 seeks to balance green growth and jobs

Governments, industry and stakeholders have weighed into the debate on the EU's new growth strategy, urging a stronger social dimension and the completion of the internal market.
EU Priorities 2020 01-02-2010

EU summit to seek deal on ‘2020 vision’

European governments are working behind the scenes to find common ground on the EU 2020 strategy designed to deliver growth and jobs for the next decade. The EURACTIV network highlights the variety of views emerging from across the bloc.
EU Priorities 2020 12-01-2010

Rehn to propose economic ‘high representative’

Europe's economic recovery depends on greater fiscal co-ordination and speaking with a single voice at global economic fora, Olli Rehn, the EU's incoming economic and monetary affairs commissioner, told MEPs at a parliamentary hearing yesterday (11 January).
EU Priorities 2020 12-01-2010

Germany, Spain divided over EU 2020 ‘sanctions’

German Economy Minister Rainer Brüderle reacted negatively against what he described as plans by the Spanish EU Presidency to "sanction" member states who do not comply with the European Union's growth objectives. EURACTIV Spain reports.
EU Priorities 2020 06-01-2010

‘Wise men’ discuss EU’s 2020 strategy

Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero hosted a meeting with prominent EU 'wise men' in Madrid yesterday (5 January) to discuss Europe's economic and social strategy for the next decade. EURACTIV Spain reports.
EU Priorities 2020 05-01-2010

Special EU summit to focus on economy, jobs

On his first day as president of the European Union, Herman Van Rompuy called a special summit to seek a way out of the current crisis and start mapping the EU's economic and social agenda for the next decade.

EU’s 2020 strategy ‘too short-termist’

The EU's 2020 strategy to build a sustainable future beyond the current economic crisis is too short-termist and fails to address the fundamental problems of the current growth model, Philippe Herzog, founder of the Confrontations Europe think-tank, told EURACTIV in an interview.
EU Priorities 2020 10-12-2009

EU summit to call for ‘ambitious’ social plan

The European Union should equip itself with an "ambitious" social plan by spring 2010 in order to fight growing unemployment, EU leaders are expected to state at the conclusion of a two-day summit which opens in Brussels today (10 December).
Future EU 02-12-2009

EU hails ‘new era’ as Lisbon Treaty goes into force

The European Union hailed the start of a new era on Tuesday (1 December) after its Lisbon reform treaty went into force, carrying with it the bloc's hopes of becoming a more powerful force on the world stage.
EU Priorities 2020 25-11-2009

Growth and jobs: Reshaping the EU’s ‘Lisbon Strategy’

As the recession bites, the European Commission and national governments have begun to reflect on replacing the EU's overarching strategy for growth and jobs, known as the Lisbon Strategy. 'Green growth', innovation and education are likely to feature highly among the strategy's new priorities.
EU Priorities 2020 25-11-2009

EU launches consultation on ten-year strategy

The European Commission has launched a consultation process on its plans to make Europe a "smarter, greener social market" by 2020.
EU Priorities 2020 19-11-2009

Brussels readies plans for EU ‘2020 strategy’

The European Commission will propose plans for a wide-ranging strategy to lift the EU out of recession next week, inviting member states to lead Europe towards a green, knowledge-based economy by 2020, according to a draft paper seen by EURACTIV.
Regional Policy 06-10-2009

Regions want more say on EU growth and jobs policy

A consultation of European local authorities and cities has revealed strong criticism of the way the Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs has been implemented across the 27 member states of the European Union.
Regional Policy 06-10-2009

Local Rep: ‘Regions have a lot to offer on Lisbon Strategy review’

A consultation of European local authorities and cities has revealed strong criticism of the way the Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs has been implemented across the 27 member states of the European Union. Christine Chapman, rapporteur on the consultation for the Committee of the Regions, spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
EU Priorities 2020 01-09-2009

Barroso sketches five-year programme

José Manuel Barroso, European Commission president, has outlined his strategy to dig the EU out of recession if he wins the European Parliament's approval for a second consecutive term.

Irish experts challenge EU innovation mantra

A report by a government-appointed expert group in Ireland makes uncomfortable reading for EU policymakers invested in Europe's 'knowledge economy'. 

EU launches reflection on future green policies

The European Union needs to reconcile its growth and jobs objectives with long-term environmental goals, says the European Commission in a report taking stock of the bloc’s decade-old sustainable development strategy. 

Swedes push for Nordic flavour to Lisbon Strategy II

After hosting a meeting of EU employment ministers last week, the Swedish EU Presidency began to set out its ambition for a revised Lisbon Agenda, casting the EU's future growth and jobs policies along Nordic lines.
Public Affairs 08-07-2009

PA bosses assess Barroso’s flagship ‘Lisbon Strategy’

The global economic downturn represents a "tremendous opportunity" for the EU to revive its flagship Lisbon Strategy for boosting growth and jobs, public affairs consultants told EURACTIV. But opinions vary regarding its future priorities amid mixed evaluations of the strategy's success.
EU Priorities 2020 29-06-2009

Sweden to push for ‘more focused’ Lisbon Strategy

A "new, more focused and more efficient" Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs is expected to be adopted during the Spanish EU Presidency in spring 2010, but "preparing and setting the framework" for this strategy will be an important task of the incoming Swedish Presidency, EU Affairs Minister Cecilia Malmström told EURACTIV in an interview.