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Brexit 07-05-2015

Europe ‘à la carte’: The whats and whys behind UK opt-outs

Since becoming a member in 1973, the United Kingdom has negotiated opt-outs on key parts of EU legislation, and a sizeable rebate from the EU annual budget. But do they really serve the best interests of the UK and Europe?
Future EU 09-03-2010

The EU’s new diplomatic service

Introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, the European External Action Service (EEAS) is intended to give the European Union a greater role in foreign policy. It is now operational, though its scope and competences have been the subject of fierce debate among EU countries.
Future EU 01-12-2009

The ‘Treaty of Lisbon’

After eight years of struggle and soul-searching, the European Union's reform treaty came into force on 1 December 2009. EU leaders believe the Lisbon Treaty will rejuvenate the decision-making apparatus of the EU institutions, making the functioning of the 27-member Union more efficient and democratic. 
EU Priorities 2020 28-10-2009

Choosing ‘Mr(s). Europe’ [Archived]

The Treaty of Lisbon introduces two new European top jobs: a high-profile president to chair EU summit meetings for a two-and-a-half year term and a revamped foreign policy chief. However, selecting the right people to fill these positions proved a politically-sensitive task.
Development Policy 01-07-2009

The Swedish EU Presidency

Sweden assumes the EU's six-month rotating presidency from the Czech Republic on 1 July as Europe battles its most severe economic recession in decades and faces an uncertain institutional future. If the Lisbon Treaty enters into force before the end of the year, this could be history's last fully-fledged EU presidency.
EU Priorities 2020 22-07-2008

EU Treaty: What Next?

Several scenarios have been suggested as a means of overcoming the crisis triggered by the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland. Here, EURACTIV gives an overview.
EU Priorities 2020 09-06-2008

The Irish EU Treaty referendum

Irish voters rebuffed the EU's entire political class with a resounding 'no' to the draft Lisbon Treaty, throwing the Union into yet another political crisis.
Future EU 12-02-2008

Ratifying the Treaty of Lisbon

The ratification process for the Treaty of Lisbon began in December 2007 and is set to continue throughout 2008 despite Ireland’s rejection of the Treaty by referendum.