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Transport 15-12-2021

Environmentalists take Portuguese government to court again over new Lisbon airport

The Lisbon airport project is headed to court again after eight environmental organisations said they consider the strategic environmental assessment, which does not allow for alternatives, to be illegal.
Road safety 23-02-2017

Lisbon, Malmö and Skopje announced as sustainable mobility city finalists

Cities from Portugal, Sweden and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia have made it through to become finalists for the European Mobility Award 2016.

Lisbon dreams of ‘Europe’s Silicon Valley’ tag

Lisbon is betting that hosting the Web Summit, Europe's largest tech event, will spur the growth of startups and draw foreign investors, helping it compete with the continent's main innovation hubs.
Public Affairs 01-12-2009

Lisbon to make EU ‘real entity on global stage’

Today's entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty should help the European Union to become "a real entity on the global stage," Elaine Cruikshanks, CEO of the Brussels arm of public affairs firm Hill & Knowlton, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Future EU 05-02-2008

Romania ratifies EU Treaty as France moves to follow

Romania has ratified the Treaty of Lisbon by parliamentary vote after a huge majority of MPs approved the text yesterday (4 February). Meanwhile, France's parliament approved a constitutional amendment necessary to begin the ratification process of the treaty itself.
Future EU 30-01-2008

Slovenia and Malta ratify EU treaty

Slovenia and Malta have become the latest countries to ratify the new EU Treaty agreed upon by EU leaders in December last year.

EU overtakes US in productivity growth

For the first time since 2001, the EU has outstripped the US in productivity growth, according to a recent competitiveness report from the European Commission that sees Europe 'on a growth path'.

UK split on costs and benefits of immigration

A recent study by a migration NGO has stirred up the debate on the economic effects of labour migration from eastern Europe suggesting that gains were only marginal. But the UK government and industry federations disagree with the finding.
Public Affairs 13-10-2006

Barroso defends EU record vis-à-vis US business

The first Economist Business Roundtable brought four Commissioners together with American companies for a discussion on trade policy, protectionism and IPR protection.

‘New Social Europe’ to reconcile growth and labour reforms

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, PES president and former Prime Minister of Denmark, presented the hypothesis behind a project complementing the Lisbon agenda.
Central Europe 28-07-2006

Turkey: good growth perspectives, but challenges remain

Turkey should develop a National Lisbon Reform Programme, says an expert report. Other reforms should tackle the issues of employment of women and trade union rights.

Finnish industry boss: science-based competitiveness is key

Strong involvement of the social partners to help embrace globalisation and targeted investment in R&D are important keys to success, explains Finnish industry boss Leif Fagernäs in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.    

The employment challenge requires more partnerships

Social partners, regions and cities need to be more involved in the EU employment policies if Europe is to reduce unemployment, was the message from Employment Week.  

Europe’s fight for more and better jobs

For 13 years, the European Union has been fighting to create the jobs it takes to counter demographic change and worldwide competition. However, millions of jobs created are still not sufficient.
Elections 07-04-2006

Prodi could bring Europe back into Italian politics

The European dimension is much stronger in the election programme of former Commission President Romano Prodi, who leads the center-left opposition in a showdown against the incumbent PM Silvio Berlusconi.  

Press: a summit of missed opportunities

The EU Spring Summit has spurred a limited number of critical comments in the press.

EU leaders commit to youth employment and training targets

The EU summit largely limited itself to re-confirming existing Lisbon targets, but did introduce new goals on youth employment. 

EU leaders take small steps on European energy policy

The EU summit backs more cooperation on energy policy, but shies away from hot issues of energy market de-regulation and goals for renewable energy.

Street riots put pressure on de Villepin reforms

A general strike is looming in France after PM Domenique de Villepin refuses to back down on reform plans after a weekend of violent street protests.

Jobs: not always the top priority in Lisbon strategy

Member states' National Action Plans for growth and jobs put different degrees of emphasis on strategies for creating jobs. EURACTIV has taken a closer look at the plans of a number of key countries.

French and Germans up in arms over labour reforms

Strikes in two of the EU's biggest economies are directly linked to core measures planned by the French and German governments to meet Lisbon targets. They put a question mark on their ability to implement painful socio-economic reforms.

Barroso: National Lisbon plans a good effort but more needed

Having received national reform programmes on growth and jobs from all member states, the Commission has presented its first annual progress report on the Lisbon strategy. The report is mildly optimistic.

Barroso: National Lisbon plans “a good effort”, but more needed

Having received national reform programmes on growth and jobs from all member states, the Commission has presented its first annual progress report on the Lisbon strategy. The report is mildly optimistic.

Flexibility does not exclude social security, labour ministers say

At their 19-20 January 2006 informal summit, employment and social affairs ministers debated the benefits of the Nordic model of flexicurity, which brings together flexibility of the labour force with a high degree of social security.