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Global Europe 28-06-2022

‘Russian state terrorism must be stopped to restore peace in Europe’

The missile attack on the shopping mall in Kremenchuk is yet another example of state terrorism, and the world must consider Russia as a terrorist state, writes Roman Rukomeda. Roman Rukomeda is a Ukrainian political analyst. This is his 56th account...
Electricity 23-06-2022

Lithuania ready if Russia cuts out common power grid over Kaliningrad disruptions

Lithuania will be prepared if Russia disconnects it from the regional power grid in retaliation for blocking rail shipments of some Russian goods to Moscow's Kaliningrad exclave, but no military confrontation is expected, its president told Reuters.
Global Europe 22-06-2022

US says NATO commitment to Lithuania ‘ironclad’ after Russia threat

The United States said Tuesday (21 June) it stood firmly behind Lithuania and NATO commitments to defend it after Russia warned its neighbor over restrictions on rail transit to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.
Europe's East 21-06-2022

Zelenskyy defiant as Russia intensifies attacks in east, seizes territory

Ukraine acknowledged difficulties in fighting in its east as Russian forces captured territory and intensified pressure on two cities ahead of an EU summit this week expected to welcome Kyiv's bid to join the bloc.
Europe's East 20-06-2022

EU says Lithuania acted ‘by the book’ in Kaliningrad standoff with Russia

Lithuania was not acting unilaterally and was only applying EU sanctions when it decided to ban the transit of some goods to Russia's Kaliningrad exclave, EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell said on Monday (20 June).
Global Europe 20-06-2022

Russia demands Lithuania lift Kaliningrad transit ban immediately

Russia on Monday (20 June) demanded that Lithuania immediately lift a ban on the transit of some goods to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.
Global Europe 20-06-2022

Lithuania says sanctions on goods to Kaliningrad take effect

Lithuanian authorities said a ban on the transit through their territory to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad of goods that are subject to EU sanctions was to take effect from Saturday (18 June).
Global Europe 31-05-2022

Belarus route for Ukrainian grain gives EU leaders hope and headache

One of the ways out of the looming world food crisis is to re-channel the million tonnes of grain stuck in Ukraine via Belarus. The difficulty however is of political nature: the EU would need to lift the sanctions it recently imposed on Belarus.
Global Europe 30-05-2022

Lithuanians club together to buy drone for Ukraine

Hundreds of Lithuanians are clubbing together to buy an advanced military drone for Ukraine in its war against Russia, in a show of solidarity with a fellow country formerly under Moscow's rule.
Global Europe 24-05-2022

Four EU countries call for use of Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine

Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia and Estonia will call on 24 May for the confiscation of Russian assets frozen by the European Union to fund the rebuilding of Ukraine after Russia's invasion, a joint letter written by the four showed on Monday.
Global Europe 15-04-2022

US cannot ‘take lightly’ threat Russia could use nuclear weapons – CIA chief

The threat of Russia potentially using tactical or low-yield nuclear weapons in Ukraine cannot be taken lightly, but the CIA has not seen a lot of practical evidence reinforcing that concern, CIA Director William Burns said on Thursday (14 April).
Global Europe 13-04-2022

Leaders of Poland and Baltic states in Kyiv to discuss military assistance

The presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia arrived in Kyiv to meet Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and discuss military assistance, while Russia warned that vehicles transporting weapons on Ukrainian territory would be considered as legitimate military targets.
Europe's East 12-04-2022

Russian oil should be included in sixth EU sanction package says Zelenskyy

With the ink on the fifth package of sanctions against Russia barely dry, the EU must include oil in the sixth package, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said while addressing Lithuanian lawmakers on Tuesday (12 April).
Global Europe 18-03-2022

Bulgaria, Baltic countries kick out 20 Russian diplomats

Bulgaria has expelled 10 Russian diplomats while Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania have banished another 10 Russian diplomats between them, the foreign ministries of the respective countries said on Friday (18 March), citing their non-diplomatic activities and the spreading of Russian military propaganda.
EU-China 09-03-2022

‘Lithuania mania’ sweeps Taiwan as China spat sizzles

The tiny handful of Lithuanians living in Taiwan is suddenly in vogue among the island's residents after their small Baltic nation did something Taipei has long staked its identity on: stand up to China.

German army reinforcements reach Lithuania amid Ukraine crisis

A German army convoy of 130 soldiers and 60 vehicles reached Lithuania on Thursday (17 February), bringing almost half of planned reinforcements for the country's German-led NATO battlegroup amid fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Global Europe 16-02-2022

Lithuania proposes non-stop visits of EU leaders to Ukraine to discourage war

A ‘continued physical presence’ of European representatives on the ground in Ukraine over the coming days and weeks could prevent an escalation, according to a letter sent on Tuesday (15 February), seen by EURACTIV. “What matters the most right now...
China 14-02-2022

EU ministers to back Lithuania in China trade battle

France, which holds the EU's rotating presidency, said on Sunday (13 February) that the European Union would firmly back its fellow member Lithuania in its brewing trade war with China.
EU-China 10-02-2022

China suspends Lithuanian beef imports as Taiwan row grows

China has suspended imports of beef from Lithuania since Wednesday (9 February), the General Administration of Customs said, amid a growing trade spat with the Baltic nation and its Western allies centred on Chinese-claimed Taiwan.
A container ship is leaving the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda.
Economy & Jobs 31-01-2022

Lithuanian growth prospects unfazed by China row – for now

While the row with China has not yet influenced the short-term economic development of Lithuania, jittery investors might be a risk for medium and long-term growth prospects, Tadas Povilauskas, chief economist of Lithuania’s largest bank, told EURACTIV.
EU-China 28-01-2022

EU launches WTO case against China over Lithuania row

The European Union angered China on Thursday (27 January) by launching a case against Beijing at the World Trade Organization for targeting Lithuania over its stance on Taiwan.
China 26-01-2022

Lithuania considers modifying Taiwan representation name to defuse row with China

Lithuanian officials, seeking to defuse a row with China, are discussing whether to ask their Taiwanese counterparts to modify the Chinese translation of the name of Taiwan's de-facto embassy in Vilnius, two sources said.

EU ministers back border fences to deal with Eastern threats

Several EU interior ministers came together on Friday (21 January) to discuss how to step up the protection of EU external borders but failed to agree on a common approach, with options ranging from building fences on the borders to strengthening Schengen and migration legislation. 
Global Europe 20-01-2022

US clears Baltic states to send US-made weapons to Ukraine

The US State Department has cleared Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to send US-made missiles and other weapons to Ukraine, three sources familiar with the decision said, as President Joe Biden predicted Russia would move on Ukraine.