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Future EU 23-06-2020

German EU Presidency: Influenced by lobbyists?

Large lobbying associations have a strong influence on the German government and there are concerns that this might impact its EU Council presidency, which starts on 1 July, warned a study conducted by NGOs LobbyControl and Corporate Europe Observatory. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Data protection 08-06-2020

Commission kept no records on Davos meeting between von der Leyen and Palantir CEO

No detailed records exist concerning a January meeting between European  Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the CEO of controversial US data analytics firm Palantir, the EU executive has said in response to a EURACTIV query.

Industry lobby wants EU water protection directive to be diluted

EU environment ministers will debate on Thursday (5 March) whether the EU directive on water protection is still up to date. However, the European industry lobby is trying to influence ministers to change the directive, according to a leaked letter seen by EURACTIV Germany.
Climate change 22-05-2019

Trade associations lag behind companies on climate action – report

More and more companies are transitioning to climate-friendly business practices. But a study by the British think tank InfluenceMap shows that trade associations representing them in Brussels are lagging behind. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Politics 03-10-2013

EU fails to scrutinise lobbyists who operate in the dark

With the European Commission and Parliament leading a joint committee to scrutinise the EU’s lobbyist transparency register, NGOs are keeping a close eye on the developments. The Parliament's credibility is at risk if the register is not made mandatory, argues Paul de Clerck.
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Technology 22-06-2012

Karel De Gucht on ACTA

A European Parliament Committee rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) yesterday (21 June) despite pro-business lobbying by Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht, who insisted that Parliament should not decide before the European Court of Justice gives its opinion. A final vote in the full Parliament is expected on 4 July.
Public Affairs 21-04-2011

EU lobbying by third countries

Governments are increasingly turning to PR companies to improve public perception of their activities. But in a world of round-the-clock media coverage any inaccuracies in such information are spotted fast, writes Andreas Geiger of Brussels law firm Alber & Geiger in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 20-04-2011

MEPs back joint Parliament, Commission lobby register

Plans to establish a joint register of lobbyists for the European Parliament and the European Commission were yesterday (19 April) backed by the EU assembly's constitutional affairs committee. MEPs also called on the Council of Ministers to join Brussels' new 'transparency register'.
Energy 01-04-2011

Two injured in bomb attack on Swiss nuclear lobbyists

Two women were injured in a letter bomb explosion at the offices of the Swiss nuclear lobby group in the northern Swiss city of Olten yesteday (31 March), a few days after the government suspended its approval process for three new nuclear power stations in response to the disaster in Japan.
Public Affairs 18-03-2011

Why I’m proud to be a lobbyist

Public affairs professionals transform data and information into electrical impulses that travel from one decision centre to another, setting in motion the muscles of society that enable change and ensure the stability and smooth functioning of democratic systems, writes Luis Aguado Alba of Mas Consulting in an award-winning essay presented at the European Public Affairs Consultancies Association's 2011 AGM.
Brexit 18-02-2011

Wind and gas lobbyists scuffle over green claims

The head of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has blown cold air on gas lobby claims that Europe could save €900 billion and still hit its 2050 greenhouse gas reduction targets if it built more gas plants fitted with controversial carbon capture and storage technology.
Public Affairs 14-10-2010

Public to vote for ‘worst EU lobbyists’

The European public was yesterday (13 October) invited to nominate the 'worst EU lobbyist' of 2010 in a contest that organisers hope will encourage policymakers to defend public rather than corporate interests. 
Public Affairs 28-05-2010

UK coalition to mimic EU lobby register

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat government in the UK is planning to introduce a register of lobbyists similar to that being discussed by the EU institutions, in an attempt to restore trust in politics following an expenses scandal that hit parliament last year.  
Public Affairs 27-04-2010

EU transparency talks to resume next month

Talks between MEPs and the European Commission on improving the transparency of EU decision-making will resume on 6 May, European Parliament Vice-President Isabelle Durant announced yesterday (26 April). Meanwhile transparency groups called for the establishment of a mandatory lobby register common to all EU institutions by 2014. 
Public Affairs 22-04-2010

Top European companies ‘lobbying in secret’, says NGO

The European Union's fifty largest companies continue to hide behind trade groups to do their lobbying despite recent attempts by the European Commission to improve the transparency of EU decision-making, according to a new report to be released today (22 April).  
Public Affairs 29-10-2009

New EU lobbying rules to cover national embassies

Participants in the European Commission’s lobby register should declare expenditure on lobbying Council presidencies and permanent representations of EU member states, the EU executive said yesterday (28 October), presenting tighter financial disclosure requirements as part of a wide-ranging review of the scheme. But transparency campaigners criticised the revision for failing to fix "fundamental flaws".
Public Affairs 01-10-2009

Transparency Initiative

The drive to strengthen ethics rules for EU policymakers and the estimated 15,000 lobbyists, NGOs and other pressure groups seeking to influence them in Brussels has triggered extensive public debate since the European Commission launched its Transparency Initiative in 2005. But will it be enough to restore citizens' confidence in the European project? 
Public Affairs 10-09-2009

Law firms, think-tanks ‘boycotting’ lobby register: Kallas

Not enough law firms or think-tanks have signed up to the European Commission’s lobby register, Administration and Anti-Fraud Commissioner Siim Kallas said on Tuesday (8 September).
Public Affairs 10-09-2009

EU states mull greater transparency in Brussels

The Council of Ministers, which represents the 27 governments of the EU, will take on a more active role in making its activities in Brussels more transparent for the general public, it emerged this week (8 September).
Public Affairs 03-09-2009

Low expectations for autumn lobby transparency review

Lobby transparency is unlikely to be a priority for the Swedish EU Presidency given that the appointment of a new European Commission and ratification of the Lisbon Treaty will have to be dealt with under Stockholm's watch, the executive director of the European Centre for Public Affairs, Tom Spencer, told EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 22-07-2009

Chemicals group suspended from EU lobby register

Cefic, the association representing the EU chemicals industry, was this week (20 July) temporaily suspended from the European Commission's voluntary lobbyists' register for allegedly failing to accurately document its expenditure on interest representation.
Public Affairs 23-06-2009

Commission ‘satisfied’ with lobby transparency progress

The European Commission yesterday (22 June) declared the first year of its lobby register a success ahead of an internal review next month. But officials admitted that more bodies would have to sign up for the scheme to paint a "full picture" of lobbying in Brussels.
Public Affairs 22-06-2009

PA firms hail EU lobby transparency ‘success’

Brussels-based public affairs consultancies are hailing the European Commission's lobbyists register as a success as the scheme approaches its first birthday. But transparency groups still believe a mandatory system would be more effective.
Public Affairs 08-06-2009

Commission hints at July changes to lobby register

The European Commission last week (4 June) hinted at possible changes to its lobbyists register ahead of a review in July. The development comes as the register is set to celebrate its first birthday.