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Public Affairs 21-04-2011

EU lobbying by third countries

Governments are increasingly turning to PR companies to improve public perception of their activities. But in a world of round-the-clock media coverage any inaccuracies in such information are spotted fast, writes Andreas Geiger of Brussels law firm Alber & Geiger in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 18-03-2011

Why I’m proud to be a lobbyist

Public affairs professionals transform data and information into electrical impulses that travel from one decision centre to another, setting in motion the muscles of society that enable change and ensure the stability and smooth functioning of democratic systems, writes Luis Aguado Alba of Mas Consulting in an award-winning essay presented at the European Public Affairs Consultancies Association's 2011 AGM.
Public Affairs 03-02-2009

Think tanks should ‘think European’ to fight global challenges

At a time when European countries are struggling to cope with the financial and economic crises, European think tanks are ill-fitted to help decision-makers find innovative solutions, authors Stephen Boucher and Martine Royo argue in a book released this month.
Public Affairs 07-04-2008

Towards a common register for EU lobbyists

As the number of lobbyists operating in Brussels continues to increase, there are growing calls for their access to the Commission and Parliament to be regulated via a common register, writes former Parliament rapporteur on lobbying and new Finnish foreign minister Alexander Stubb for Europe's World.
Public Affairs 25-02-2008

The evolving role of regional representations in Brussels

Brussels can be considered the world capital of lobbying for local and regional authorities, but the activities of their representations distinguish them from classic interest groups and lobbies, argue Michel Huysseune and M. Theo Jans of Brussels Studies.
Public Affairs 13-08-2005

More Lobby-regulations for more transparency?

Christophe Leclercq founder of EURACTIV.com writes in this Politik und Kommunikation article about measures taken against the behaviour of pressure groups.
Public Affairs 03-12-2004

Public Affairs in Brussels: old game, new luck?

15.000 lobbyists are estimated to work in Brussels. After enlargement and the entering into force of the Nice Treaty they are faced with the challenges of an increasingly multileveled system of governance. The authors (Steffen Dagger and Manuel Lianos) of this article that was published in Politik & Kommunikation argue that, due to the complexity of decision-making processes and the multitude of political actors, the only way forward for interest groups and consultants is to build issue-based alliances in Brussels and EU wide. Furthermore, as is the case in the US, consultants and lawyers should work hand in hand to combine PR with judicial know-how to be able to carry out their work more effectively.

Is the business lobby past its sell-by date?

“During a recent EuroConference ‘The Challenge of Change in EU Business Associations’ (Brussels, 7-10 May), ECAS Director Tony Venables presented an interesting and provocative contribution. He asked the question whether the influential business lobby in the EU is becoming more...