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  • Associations seek opportunities from crisis

    News | Public Affairs 04-05-2009

    Membership of industry associations can help business to emerge from the economic crisis, argued participants at a conference in Brussels last week (29 April).

  • Greens slam lobbying transparency ‘PR exercise’

    News | Public Affairs 27-04-2009

    Green MEPs have described last week's announcement by the EU institutions that they had reached agreement on a common lobby register as no more than a "poorly-disguised public relations exercise" ahead of the European elections. The claims were utterly refuted by the European Commission.

  • EU institutions edge closer to common lobby register

    News | Public Affairs 23-04-2009

    Plans to create a single lobby register for the EU executive and the European Parliament gained momentum yesterday (22 April) after representatives of both institutions agreed common guidelines and a code of conduct. But transparency campaigners labelled the proposals "very disappointing".

  • Lobby transparency spotlight falls on think-tanks

    News | Public Affairs 20-04-2009

    More think-tanks should sign up to the European Commission's voluntary lobbyists register, Administration and Anti-Fraud Commissioner Siim Kallas said last week (17 April), arguing that they play a clear role in the EU policymaking process. His claims were angrily refuted by think-tank representatives.

  • EU lobby register ‘will never be mandatory’

    News | Public Affairs 20-04-2009

    The voluntary lobbyists register introduced by the European Commission last year has been effective enough not to require a mandatory approach, Administration and Anti-Fraud Commissioner Siim Kallas said last week (17 April).

  • Kallas expects Swedish progress on EU lobby rules

    News | Public Affairs 23-03-2009

    Sweden's "strong stated commitment" to transparency presents a good opportunity for the Council to review its "so far hesitant attitude" to the EU executive's lobbyists register during the country's upcoming EU presidency, Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas told public affairs professionals last week, revealing that he had written to the Swedes to urge progress towards a register common to all three institutions.

  • Think tanks should ‘think European’ to fight global challenges

    Opinion | Public Affairs 03-02-2009

    At a time when European countries are struggling to cope with the financial and economic crises, European think tanks are ill-fitted to help decision-makers find innovative solutions, authors Stephen Boucher and Martine Royo argue in a book released this month.

  • Single EU lobbyists’ register faces further delays

    News | Public Affairs 28-01-2009

    German Socialist MEP Jo Leinen yesterday (27 January) expressed optimism that a lobbyists' register common to the European Parliament and the EU executive can be drawn up. But it may have to wait until after European elections in June, he cautioned.

  • Khodorkovsky’s lawyer attacks European energy firms

    News | Public Affairs 07-11-2008

    The legal representative of imprisoned former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has called for a formal investigation into the role allegedly played by European energy firms in undermining the rule of law in Russia.

  • Commission to probe trade leak

    News | Public Affairs 09-09-2008

    The European Commission has launched an investigation into newspaper allegations that a top official gave sensitive information to reporters posing as representatives of Chinese businessmen, it announced yesterday (8 September).

  • Commission launches lobbyists register

    News | Public Affairs 24-06-2008

    The European Commission yesterday (23 June) launched a voluntary register for lobbyists seeking to influence its policymaking amid criticism from transparency groups that the scheme does not go far enough.

  • EU lobbyists scramble over their exact numbers

    News | Public Affairs 10-06-2008

    As the European Commission's upcoming voluntary lobbyists register occupies the mind of every lobbyist in Brussels, some have started to question exactly how many of them there are, casting doubt over the 15,000 figure originally put forward by the EU executive.