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  • Commission to probe trade leak

    Public Affairs 09-09-2008

    The European Commission has launched an investigation into newspaper allegations that a top official gave sensitive information to reporters posing as representatives of Chinese businessmen, it announced yesterday (8 September).

  • Commission launches lobbyists register

    Public Affairs 24-06-2008

    The European Commission yesterday (23 June) launched a voluntary register for lobbyists seeking to influence its policymaking amid criticism from transparency groups that the scheme does not go far enough.

  • EU lobbyists scramble over their exact numbers

    Public Affairs 10-06-2008

    As the European Commission's upcoming voluntary lobbyists register occupies the mind of every lobbyist in Brussels, some have started to question exactly how many of them there are, casting doubt over the 15,000 figure originally put forward by the EU executive.

  • Commission sets June date for lobbyists register

    Public Affairs 09-05-2008

    The European Commission has identified 23 June 2008 as the target date for the publication of a voluntary lobbyists register and accompanying code of conduct, Administration and Anti-Fraud Commissioner Siim Kallas announced yesterday (8 May) following the adoption in Parliament of a landmark report on lobbying.

  • ‘Moment of truth’ approaching for lobbying transparency

    Public Affairs 30-04-2008

    The European Parliament is widely expected to approve a landmark report on lobbying during its Brussels plenary session next week (8 May), representing a key moment in the drive to improve the transparency of the EU institutions and the estimated 15,000 lobbyists who seek to influence them.

  • Parliament to expel business lobby group

    Public Affairs 28-04-2008

    European Parliament leaders have asked for a business group to be removed from its premises following accusations over its influence on policy.

  • Public authorities must tame ‘predatory’ lobbyists

    Public Affairs 29-01-2008

    Public authorities should make a new commitment to reach the outsiders among minority interests and the 'silent majority' to prevent lobbying from becoming a "monopolising channel of influence towards the EU institutions", according to EU citizens' association ECAS.

  • Court verdict supports lobbying transparency drive

    Public Affairs 09-11-2007

    The European Court of First Instance ruled yesterday (8 November) that the Commission was wrong to refuse a lager company access to the minutes of a stakeholders meeting – including a list of participants – in a judgement which has wider implications for lobbying transparency.

  • Public votes on ‘worst EU lobbying’ award

    Public Affairs 17-10-2007

    Public voting for the 'Worst EU Lobbying Awards' opened online on Monday (15 October). The award will be given to the lobby group that in 2007 has employed "the most deceptive, misleading or otherwise problematic lobbying tactics in their attempts to influence EU decision-making".

  • Kallas defends voluntary lobbying scheme in face of boycott

    Public Affairs 24-08-2007

    US-style controls on lobbying look to be on the cards for Europe, after Brussels's largest public affairs companies refused to participate in proposed voluntary regulation because of mandatory disclosure of their clients and fees.

  • Lobbyists group urges caution over registration

    Public Affairs 25-05-2007

    The Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP) reiterated its commitment to promoting transparency in EU lobbying and a voluntary registry, but highlighted a number of "potential pitfalls" that the group wishes the Commission to avoid.  

  • Public affairs gets ‘reinvented’

    Public Affairs 19-03-2007

    The European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA) sixth annual conference, 'Reinventing Public Affairs', took place in Brussels on 8 March 2007, bringing together top-level thinkers from the field.

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