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  • Lessons from 2004 lobbying: “broaden your alliances”

    News | Public Affairs 23-02-2005

    Business lobbyists should work on constructive compromise
    solutions with NGOs if they want to advance a given public policy
    issue, concluded the 4th annual conference of the European Centre
    for Public Affairs.

  • Public Affairs in Brussels: old game, new luck?

    Opinion | Public Affairs 03-12-2004

    15.000 lobbyists are estimated to work in Brussels. After
    enlargement and the entering into force of the Nice Treaty they are
    faced with the challenges of an increasingly multileveled system of
    governance. The authors (Steffen Dagger and Manuel Lianos) of this
    article that was published in Politik & Kommunikation argue
    that, due to the complexity of decision-making processes and the
    multitude of political actors, the only way forward for interest
    groups and consultants is to build issue-based alliances in
    Brussels and EU wide. Furthermore, as is the case in the US,
    consultants and lawyers should work hand in hand to combine PR with
    judicial know-how to be able to carry out their work more

  • Is the business lobby past its sell-by date?

    Opinion | Social Europe & Jobs 24-05-2002

    "During a recent EuroConference 'The Challenge of Change in EU Business Associations' (Brussels, 7-10 May), ECAS Director Tony Venables presented an interesting and provocative contribution. He asked the question whether the influential business lobby in the EU is becoming more …