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Public Affairs 01-10-2009

Transparency Initiative

The drive to strengthen ethics rules for EU policymakers and the estimated 15,000 lobbyists, NGOs and other pressure groups seeking to influence them in Brussels has triggered extensive public debate since the European Commission launched its Transparency Initiative in 2005. But will it be enough to restore citizens' confidence in the European project? 
Public Affairs 20-04-2006

Coalitions and their influence on EU decision-making

Coalition building - or the art of setting up alliances to influence policy outcomes - has long been dominated in Brussels by trade associations representing a specific business or industrial sector. These traditional types of coalitions are generally well respected by EU institutions because of the legitimacy they gain from the volume of members they represent - whether individual companies or national trade associations. However, today, these long-established coalitions are being challenged by smaller ones led by a handful of companies who decide to break away from the pack. Inspired by NGO tactics, these often short-term and ad hoc coalitions tend to engage in a more aggressive, single-issue type of lobbying oriented almost exclusively on communication campaigns.
Public Affairs 01-03-2005

EU and US approaches to lobbying

Although lobbying techniques in Brussels and Washington are often considered similar, public affairs professionals on both sides of the Atlantic are convinced that differences in "style and substance" will remain between the two capitals. Language and national cultures are only part of the explanation. The traditional, consensus-based approach to EU policy-making and lobbying will probably continue to contrast with the highly professionalised and more aggressive US-style for many years to come. Above all, political institutions in Brussels and Washington are different animals which require to be approached in quite distinct ways.