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  • EU’s voluntary-lobbyist-registration policy belies its calls for transparency

    Public Affairs 06-01-2015

    Developed countries often lecture states in the developing world about transparency. So it seems the height of hypocrisy that the European Union is not requiring lobbyists to register, writes Giorgi Meladze.

  • The revolving door keeps on spinning: it’s time for ex-MEPs to cool off!

    Public Affairs 02-09-2014

    The former chair of the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), Sharon Bowles, created a furore last week by taking up a position as a non-executive director at the London Stock Exchange.  This followed recent reports of two other ex-ECON members also walking through the revolving door.  In an election year, when many ex-MEPs are back on the job market, particular scrutiny rightly needs to be paid to such potential conflicts of interest and in April, the Transparency International EU Office (TI-EU) highlighted the issue in a report on the EU integrity system.

  • Bad news for EU decision-making: Comitology no longer exists

    Public Affairs 19-04-2013

    In the three years since the Lisbon Treaty entered into force, EU decision-making has become more complex and opaque, and there are signs that the secondary legislative procedure, or comitology, no longer exists, writes Daniel Guéguen.

  • Lobby register review should not be rushed

    Public Affairs 22-03-2013

    Transparency facilitates scrutiny and hence accountability. Despite recurrent criticism and even active campaigns fuelled by some organisations, EU efforts in the area of transparency are among the most comprehensive in the world, writes European Commission Vice President Maroš Šef?ovi?.

  • EU lobbying from a new EU member state perspective

    Future EU 19-09-2011

    While the new member states' generally small stature, relative poverty and inexperience limit their influence in the European Union, they are fast learning the game of Brussels lobbying, argues Gergana Passy.

  • How the EU institutions work and how to work with the EU institutions

    Future EU 22-06-2011

    It is more necessary than ever for private and public organisations to understand how to work with European institutions, argues Alan Hardacre. Though EU policymaking can be complex and difficult, he says that preaching this understanding need not be the monopoly of professional lobbies and consultancies.

  • Reflections on the Arab revolutions

    Global Europe 09-06-2011

    Tom Spencer analyses in depth the background and context of the Arab revolutions, the European Union's "flabby diplomacy" and the repercussions these developments will have on the EU's political leaders, arguing that these could even prematurely end Catherine Ashton's term as the bloc's foreign affairs chief.

  • MEPs should apply same standards the EU requires of Romanian MPs

    Future EU 23-05-2011

    Cristian Ghinea argues in an open letter that Romanian MEP Adrian Severin should have his parliamentary immunity removed so that the Romanian anti-corruption office can investigate allegations of corruption against him.

  • EU lobbying by third countries

    Public Affairs 21-04-2011

    Governments are increasingly turning to PR companies to improve public perception of their activities. But in a world of round-the-clock media coverage any inaccuracies in such information are spotted fast, writes Andreas Geiger of Brussels law firm Alber & Geiger in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.

  • Why I’m proud to be a lobbyist

    Public Affairs 18-03-2011

    Public affairs professionals transform data and information into electrical impulses that travel from one decision centre to another, setting in motion the muscles of society that enable change and ensure the stability and smooth functioning of democratic systems, writes Luis Aguado Alba of Mas Consulting in an award-winning essay presented at the European Public Affairs Consultancies Association's 2011 AGM.

  • A Novel Look at Lobbyists

    Public Affairs 03-03-2009

    Works of fiction have always dealt with political issues and institutions, "but the last decade has seen a much more concerted trend in this direction," argues Conor McGrath, an independent scholar and deputy editor of the Journal of Public Affairs, citing an upsurge in the number of novels, movies, TV shows and songs featuring lobbyists.

  • Public Affairs in Europe: The Same Everywhere or Different?

    Public Affairs 03-03-2009

    "For public affairs practitioners to be truly effective, [they] must have a profound understanding of institutional and cultural differences," argues Michael Burrell, vice-chairman of Edelman Europe and deputy chairman of the European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA).

  • Developing and regulating lobbying in the new EU countries

    Public Affairs 13-10-2008

    "Lobbying is still in its infancy" in the ten newest EU member states, but the practice is continually developing as civil society actors recognise the value of participation in the political process, argues Conor McGrath, an independent Dublin-based scholar, in a paper published in the Journal of Public Affairs.

  • Towards a common register for EU lobbyists

    Public Affairs 07-04-2008

    As the number of lobbyists operating in Brussels continues to increase, there are growing calls for their access to the Commission and Parliament to be regulated via a common register, writes former Parliament rapporteur on lobbying and new Finnish foreign minister Alexander Stubb for Europe's World.

  • The evolving role of regional representations in Brussels

    Public Affairs 25-02-2008

    Brussels can be considered the world capital of lobbying for local and regional authorities, but the activities of their representations distinguish them from classic interest groups and lobbies, argue Michel Huysseune and M. Theo Jans of Brussels Studies.

  • Management of interests: ‘Multi-level lobbying’

    Public Affairs 25-05-2007

    In order to make their voices heard within the multi-level governance systems of the European Union, federations must keep an eye both on the European and the national level, authors Hans F. Bellstedt, Sandra Roling and Hubert Koch state in the recent edition of the German magazine 'Verbändereport' ('Federation Report'). 

  • How US universities lobby for their interests

    Public Affairs 13-03-2007

    In this article, Dr Marco Althaus from the German Institute for Public Affairs (DIPA) analyses the lobbying structures of universities in the United States and concludes that they have professionalised their structures considerably during the past 15 years.

  • Analysis: Italian lobbying in Brussels

    Public Affairs 18-04-2006

    The Italian Centre for International Perspective (CIPI) recently published a first Report on "Italian lobbies in Brussels." The paper brings in useful insight on the reality and "raison d’être" of lobbying in Brussels, as well as on the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the Italian presence in the EU decision-making sphere.

  • Analysis: The new policy focus of lobbyists in Berlin

    Science & Policymaking 11-04-2006

    Till Schröder, Manuel Lianos and Manja Wentzel analyse in this Politik & Kommunikation article how lobbying in Berlin has changed since the new German government came to power.  
    The complete version of this article is available in German.

  • Analysis: Challenges for journalism in Brussels

    Public Affairs 05-04-2006

    Sonja Niemann writes in this V.i.S.d.P. article about the challenges of reporting on EU-affairs in Brussels.
    The complete version of this article is available in German.

  • Analysis: Kallas initiative about lobbying in Brussels

    Public Affairs 03-04-2006

    This contribution of German Institute for Public Affairs (DIPA) informs about the state of affairs in the debate on the transparency initiative of Siim Kallas, EU Commissioner for Audit and Anti-Fraud.  
    The full text is only available in German.

  • Lobbying in a speedboat

    Public Affairs 28-02-2006

    Miriam Stegherr argues in this Politik & Kommunikation article that companies have to ally themselves in strategic alliances, because established associations are no longer able to push through their interests, due to their too heterogeneous members and objectives. 

  • Analysis: Europe, chemicals, and the Bush administration

    Public Affairs 23-02-2006

    How much pressure did the US government exert in order to promote US industry interests on the EU’s draft REACH regulation?  The answer: "A lot, but careful", say researchers of the Kennedy-Institute of Freie Universität Berlin.  The case study “Trading softly: Europe, chemicals, and the Bush administration” (by Francis R. Pickerung, Jason Dorn, Alant Jost, Mehmet Yilmazata and Felix Mann), was finalised in January 2006 at the seminar “America’s Lobbyists” at the Kennedy-Institute, under the supervision of Dr. Marco Althaus, Deutsches Institut für Public Affairs (DIPA).

  • More lobbying regulations for more transparency?

    Public Affairs 10-02-2006

    Christophe Leclercq, founder of EURACTIV.com, writes in the article from Politik and Kommunikation about measures taken against the behaviour of pressure groups.