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Cities & regions 01-04-2021

‘Kiss goodbye’ to reform if local leaders in EU neighbourhood ignored, stakeholders warn

Though their efforts are often overlooked, from cultural exchange to capacity building, local players are a key part of the European integration of Western Balkan and Eastern European countries and need more support.
Global Europe 14-06-2018

Regional and local representatives call on Europe to deliver on migration

Following a string of far-right political successes barely a year before the next European elections, regional and local representatives have called on the EU to urgently act on migration, an issue that has quickly come back to the top of the political agenda.
Euro & Finance 01-06-2016

France needs austerity, Juncker tells mayors

Jean-Claude Juncker spoke to French mayors on Tuesday (31 May) to insist on the need for structural reforms and a rebalancing of the country’s public finances. EURACTIV France reports.
Cities & regions 01-12-2015

Paris teams up with Johannesburg to draft climate strategy

SPECIAL REPORT / South Africa’s economic capital wants to develop an ambitious climate strategy, following in the footsteps of Paris, the first French city to adopt a similar strategy in 2007. EURACTIV France reports
Regional Policy 09-10-2015

Europe’s regions take climate finance into their own hands

The EU’s cities and regions are compensating for the lack of climate finance available by issuing their own "green bonds" for sustainable development projects. EURACTIV France reports
Regional Policy 17-02-2011

Small towns join forces to boost their EU clout

Small and medium-sized towns have set up shop to increase their influence over EU policymaking and make their voices heard among the EU institutions.
Regional Policy 23-11-2010

European cities join global effort on climate

A number of large European cities are promising to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions as part of a major international initiative to tackle climate change. The initiative was launched at a conference in Mexico City on 21 November 2010.
Regional Policy 05-05-2010

Mayors to receive extra EU cash for energy projects

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso yesterday (4 May) pledged to divert unused EU stimulus cash into a fund to help regions and cities become more energy efficient. "About time," said EU mayors meeting in Brussels.
Enlargement 09-03-2000

Eurocities want a role for local authorities in enlargement

Eurocities, an association of 95 major European cities from 26 European countries, intends to support cities in the accession countries to integrate themselves into the Union.