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Politics 14-02-2022

EU should not be ‘just a bank account’, French mayor says

Elected local officials are crucial in bringing the EU closer to citizens and showing them it is not just about receiving funds, the mayor of the small French town of Saint-Omer told EURACTIV France in an interview.
Politics 11-02-2022

Bratislava mayor: Where national governments fail, cities step up for democracy

Democracy was born in towns and cities, and local leaders are closer to the people than national governments, Matúš Vallo, the mayor of Bratislava, told EURACTIV Slovakia. Liberal democracy is going through a challenging time. Populism, declining media freedom, minority...
Cities & regions 01-04-2021

‘Kiss goodbye’ to reform if local leaders in EU neighbourhood ignored, stakeholders warn

Though their efforts are often overlooked, from cultural exchange to capacity building, local players are a key part of the European integration of Western Balkan and Eastern European countries and need more support.
Agrifood 24-03-2021

Sustainable farming offers a boost to rural Bulgarian communities

Family farming is no easy task, but one young Bulgarian couple has shown that sustainable farming can be a successful business venture, while also helping to revive one of the EU’s poorest regions. EURACTIV Bulgaria reports.