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Future EU 19-01-2018

May, Macron seek common ground to offset Brexit fallout

Prime Minister Theresa May and her French counterpart Emmanuel Macron agreed a new border security deal yesterday (18 January), through which the UK will pay more to France to stop migrants trying to reach British shores.
Brexit 25-10-2017

German bank regulator urges EU to be ready for hard Brexit

European Union regulators need temporary fixes in place to prevent market distortions in case banks based in Britain face a Brexit without a deal, Germany's financial watchdog said.
Future EU 17-03-2017

Vox pops London: What the UK thinks of Brexit

EURACTIV reports from the streets of London on the public's views on Brexit. As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, we asked members of the public what they think about Brexit and how long it will take to re negotiate the country's relationship with the EU.
Global Europe 23-11-2016

EU takes on US in tit-for-tat bank row

The EU will require big foreign banks operating in Europe to set aside billions in reserve funds in a tit-for-tat move against the United States that could also affect post-Brexit Britain, according to a draft proposal seen by AFP.
Brexit 20-06-2016

Brexit vote pits London, Scotland against middle England

Britain's vote on European Union membership on Thursday is set to split regions against regions, with Scotland and the main cities expected to back remaining while the English countryside votes out.
Brexit 01-04-2016

Brexit risks taking multi-trillion euro trading from London

If Britons vote to leave the EU, London's financial centre faces losing one of its top money spinners - the trade in trillions of euros in derivatives - and the European Central Bank will be pushing hard for the business to move onto its patch.
Brexit 01-04-2016

REVEALED: Europe’s secret revenge plans for Brexit

EXCLUSIVE  / Vengeful European Commission officials have drawn up a secret punishment list for the UK if it chooses to leave the EU at the 23 June referendum on its membership of the bloc.
Big Ben
Brexit 25-02-2016

Three plan Bs for Brexit

Three possible 'plan Bs' for Brexit are defined in research carried out by Michael Emerson, in a 24-page policy paper spanning a range of views, from which EURACTIV publishes the Executive Summary.
Brexit 05-11-2014

CityUK chief: Whitehall should stop shouting at EU

British politicians should stop shouting at their European Union partners from the sidelines and start building alliances to ensure proper reform of the world's richest region, a lobby group for powerful banks and money managers will say today (5 November).
Brexit 03-09-2013

Goldman Sachs exec warns European banks will quit London if UK leaves EU

European banks would leave London "in very short order" if Britain voted to exit the European Union, a senior Goldman Sachs executive said in a newspaper interview published yesterday (2 September).