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Road safety 14-06-2018

Truck drivers could pay the price for EU compromise on posted workers

Two draft laws which will be voted on during the European Parliament's plenary session on Thursday (14 June) could lead to more job insecurity for lorry drivers. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Transport 15-04-2013

EU prepares gentler design for lorries to save lives, fuel

The European Commission will table new proposals today (15 April) designed to make lorries more gentle with cyclists and pedestrians in the event of a crash, but also cleaner and more fuel-efficient, campaigners say.

Parliament calls for EU-wide truckers’ fines

The European Parliament yesterday (18 May) called for EU-wide rules to fine truckers who break existing health and safety regulations. Supporters of the motion claimed it would improve safety on EU roads, while opponents argued that MEPs were trying to interfere with a strictly national issue.