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Economy & Jobs 27-03-2020

Leaders clash over stimulus against pandemic, pass hot potato to Eurogroup

EU leaders on Thursday (26 March) continued to disagree over the economic response to the coronavirus as Northern countries rejected the idea of issuing joint debt, known as "corona bonds", proposed by nine member states to finance the recovery.
Economy & Jobs 29-03-2019

Belgium puts figures on expected losses from hard Brexit

Belgium's economy would contract nearly 1 percent and Belgians would become poorer if Britain crashes out of the European Union in a chaotic way, a central bank official said on Thursday (28 March).
Languages & Culture 04-12-2015

Belgium mocked for its inability to hash out COP21 commitment

Belgium’s international image is deteriorating further as the country's regions - French-speaking Wallonia and Dutch-speaking Flanders - prove unable to agree on the distribution of monies coming from its national emission trading fund.

ALDE requests nuclear option over Hungary

The liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament called on Monday (21 September) for the activation of article 7 of the EU Treaty against Hungary over its handling of refugees.
Development Policy 13-01-2011

Liberal MEPs initiate Hungarian Presidency boycott

MEPs from the European Parliament's liberal ALDE group have called for the venue of a meeting to be changed from Budapest to Brussels, as a sign of protest against a controversial media law recently adopted in Hungary, the country holding the rotating EU presidency.
Development Policy 19-09-2007

EU to help poor nations fight global warming

The European Commission is to set up a €50 million fund to help developing nations fight global warming, the EU executive announced on September 18.
Elections 19-03-2007

Belgian commissioner returns to national politics

To participate in upcoming Belgian general elections on 10 June, Development Commissioner Louis Michel is being temporarily replaced by Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn.
Development Policy 15-09-2004

Michel takes over from Busquin for a six-week stint as Research Commissioner

Speaking before the Parliament's Industry Committee, Belgium's new Commissioner-designate Louis Michel has pleaded for a doubling of the EU's research budget, saying it is "essential" to the Lisbon strategy.