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Climate change 28-03-2018

Breaking the glass ceiling of EU climate policy

The request from EU leaders to see an update of the European Commission's 2050 low-carbon roadmap mandates a higher level of ambition from Europe on meeting climate goals also in 2030, writes Brook Riley.
Energy 14-03-2018

Europe must regain the lead in clean automotive innovation

The EU must adopt policies that put European manufacturers on the right track to compete with the global shift to low carbon transport, writes Andrey Kovatchev.

Climate change 08-03-2018

Why the EU’s first post-Brexit budget must prioritise investment in climate action

Reflecting on the next EU budget post-Brexit, Eliot Whittington explains why now is the time for the EU to show leadership and unity to drive climate action and make a net-zero carbon economy the new normal.

A proposal to finance low carbon investment in Europe

“Where there is danger, the rescue grows as well” says the German poet Hölderlin in his famous evocation of the Greek island of Patmos. Should we read it as a message of hope for the European Union in 2015? This year is indeed perilous in many respects for the bloc’s economy, but it is also rich in new opportunities, write Michel Aglietta, Étienne Espagne and Vincent Aussilloux.
Brexit 03-12-2014

Germany must stay the course on climate change

German Chancellor Angela Merkel must stay firm in the face of those in her country who are challenging the consensus over climate change and transition to low carbon energy, writes Lord Deben (John Gummer).
Energy 21-11-2013

EU-Ukraine: New opportunities for a low-carbon Europe?

Ukraine must de-carbonise and find sustainable solutions to its energy challenges. Increased cooperation with the European Union on cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship would help Ukraine to modernise its energy sector and economy, write Alex Romaniuk, Roman Zinchenko and Sophia Opatska.