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Central Asia 02-06-2021

The Last Frontier: Energy investments in Uzbekistan reach new heights

A recent deal stands out because it is the first fully privately financed project in the Uzbek energy sector and also the largest EU private sector investment in Uzbekistan, writes Alberto Turkstra.

Eco-homes become hot property in UK’s zero-carbon ‘paradigm shift’

Smart, low-carbon homes were once the preserve of one-off grand designs – now there are up to 30,000 projects in the pipeline, writes EURACTIV's media partner, The Guardian Environment.

Clean Gas Technologies: What opportunities for the EU?

According to the European Commission, renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is a key building block towards a climate-neutral and zero-pollution economy in 2050, by replacing most fossil fuels and feedstock. It can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions ahead of 2030...
Energy 23-11-2018

Five benchmarks for a just transition to low-carbon energy

The new long-term climate strategy for the EU can be a tool for a prosperous zero-carbon society if it addresses Just Transition, write Lisa Fischer and Rebekka Popp.
Energy 21-10-2014

Four reasons why ambitious targets for energy and climate could save the EU hundreds of billions of euros

The financial benefits of transitioning to a low-carbon economy are clear and significant, writes David Nelson, especially if policymakers act now.
Development Policy 05-11-2012

PwC report argues for unprecedented CO2 cuts by 2050

The world will have to cut the rate of carbon emissions by an unprecedented rate to 2050 to stop global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius this century, a report released by PwC on Monday (5 November) showed.
Energy 05-11-2012

Energy giants promote gas and renewables ‘ideal partnership’

A new corporate coalition which says it will advance a low-carbon energy policy for Europe launched in Brussels last week.
Climate change 25-10-2012

Poland’s veto on EU climate laws ‘has no legal basis’

EXCLUSIVE: Poland’s use of a veto to block EU climate goals for 2050 has no legal basis, according to internal legal documents from the Council of the European Union, obtained by EURACTIV.
Climate change 25-10-2012

Greenpeace pushes for renewable energy targets beyond 2020

The European Union is on the right track for its 2020 renewables targets but will not receive real returns on investment until after that period, says a new Greenpeace EU report.
Development Policy 08-03-2012

Poland defies Europe over 2050 low-carbon roadmap

Friday’s meeting of EU environment ministers is being pushed to the brink of crisis by a Polish rejection of any mention of the EU's Low Carbon Roadmap for 2050, which foresees up to 95% emissions cuts by mid-century.
Energy 15-11-2011

Europeanising the German energy transition

Germany cannot go it alone in its pioneering effort to transition to nuclear-free and low-carbon energy, say Severin Fischer and Oliver Geden. They argue that success will depend on the existence of a broader European strategy, including a more integrated energy market and a functioning emissions trading system.
Electricity 11-07-2011

Germany’s nuclear phase-out will accelerate transition to low-carbon economy

Germany is able to supply its power needs on its own without nuclear, argues Arne Jungjohann from the Heinrich Böll Foundation.
Energy 17-06-2011

Commission renews push for 2030 renewables target

The European Commission has put its full weight behind a new target to raise the share of renewables in the continent's energy mix by 2030.
Energy 15-03-2011

Alarm bells ring over Europe’s nuclear expansion

As Japan's nuclear crisis deepens, fears are growing within Europe's wind industry about European Commission plans to put nuclear power on a par with renewable energies in the post-2020 low-carbon environment.