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Economy & Jobs 16-02-2015

Spanish FM rebukes Tsipras: “Rajoy doesn’t get nervous”

Spanish Finance Minister Luis De Guindos rejected Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ claim that he saw Spanish leader Mariano Rajoy 'looking nervous' as EU Heads of State discussed the Greece crisis at an EU Council Summit last week.
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Euro & Finance 30-01-2013

Good results drag Spain away from bailout territory

Madrid announced on Tuesday (29 January) that it had beaten revenue targets for 2012 as tax hikes offset a shrinking economy, moving the country further away from an EU-IMF sovereign bailout which seemed unavoidable a few months ago.
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Economy & Jobs 11-04-2012

Spain denies bailout talks

Is Spain next in line for a Greek style bail-out? Spanish Finance Minister Luis de Guindos does't think so, at least not for the moment. Spain is at the center of a financial storm as markets pushed the cost of its bonds to soar above 6%. In a bid to calm the markets and keep Brussels happy, the Spanish government on Tuesday announced a 10 billion euro slash in its public spending. The European commission welcomed the move, which comes on top of 78 billion euros in cuts presented in March.