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Europe's East 24-09-2012

Opposition boycotts Belarussian election

Authorities in Belarus said they had a strong turnout in a parliamentary election yesterday (23 September) after hardline President Alexander Lukashenko denounced opposition leaders as "cowards" for urging people to boycott it as a sham exercise.
Elections 11-07-2012

Lithuania fears ‘Belarus scenario’ in Ukraine

If the EU plays its cards badly, a "Belarus scenario" in which Russia would regain influence over the former Soviet Republic is possible in Ukraine, Darius Semaška, a chief government advisor for Lithuania, told journalists yesterday (10 July). EURACTIV reports from Vilnius.
Europe's East 06-04-2012

Lukashenko to pick and choose EU ambassadors

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said yesterday (5 April) that he will "screen" EU ambassadors individually before allowing them to return the country, the AFP reported. They had withdrawn from the country to punish Minsk's human rights record.

A Ukrainian Perspective on Russia’s Policy Towards CIS Countries

Russia's attempts to increase its influence over in its near-abroad is likely to lead to conflict and authoritarianism in neighbouring countries, but not necessarily to pro-Russian regimes, argues Alexey Leshchenko.
Europe's East 24-06-2011

Pulling the plug on Lukashenko

Belarus's economy is so fragile that it is dependent on Russia and the IMF for its stability, argues Mitchell Orenstein. He says the West should not allow IMF money to prolong the regime's misrule.
Central Europe 21-06-2011

EU sharpens sanctions on Europe’s last dictator

The EU condemned yesterday (20 June) repression of opposition leaders and the media perpetrated by the regime in Belarus and imposed additional sanctions on the country's president, Aleksandr Lukashenko, known as Europe's last dictator. 
Europe's East 13-05-2011

Commission voices ‘distaste’ at Belarus jailings

The European Commission today (13 May) condemned the sentencing in Belarus of politicians and activists for participating in antigovernment protests late last year.
Europe's East 14-04-2011

Belarus blast augurs hard times for opposition

Opposition leader Alexander Milinkevich warned that there were all signs visible that President Alexander Lukashenko, known as 'Europe's last dictator', would use a blast on the Minsk metro to "tighten the screws" on opposition parties.
Development Policy 13-04-2011

Štefan Füle: EU won’t allow Arab revolutions to be ‘stolen’

The European Union is not instigating revolution in the Arab world, nor is it trying to impose its values. But once people in Tunisia, Egypt and other counties have embarked on the road to reform, the EU will not allow these revolutions to be stolen, Enlargement and neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Štefan Füle told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Elections 24-12-2010

EU, US take aim at Belarus repressions

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and her US counterpart Hillary Clinton have strongly condemned yesterday (23 December) the violent repression by the Belarus authorities following presidential elections in December, which observers say were rigged.
Med & South 20-12-2010

EU condemns Belarus election violence

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko won a fourth term today (20 December) after a landslide election marred by a violent police crackdown on demonstrators and opposition challengers. The moves were condemned by the EU.