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Future EU 26-09-2019

Romanian, Hungarian Commissioner nominees rejected

Romania’s Commissioner-designate Rovana Plumb was rejected by the European Parliament’s legal committee on Thursday (26 September) by a vast majority of the MEPs, over potential conflicts of interest. With the clock ticking, Bucharest must now propose another candidate.
#Media4EU 21-06-2019

Member states differ in combating disinformation, EU report says

The approach to tackling disinformation across the EU "varies greatly across member states," says a report produced by the outgoing Romanian Presidency. The document was distributed to national delegations ahead of the European Council summit, which concluded that "sustained efforts" were required in the fight against fake news.
Trade & Society 13-05-2016

EU-Canada summit hangs in doubt, CETA fate uncertain

EXCLUSIVE / Bulgaria and Romania find it very difficult to ratify the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada which was concluded in 2014, because of the refusal by Ottawa to lift the visa requirement for their nationals, and propose the accord to be postponed.