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Europe's East 08-04-2013

Ukrainian leader pardons Tymoshenko allies

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych yesterday (7 April) pardoned two allies of his main foe, ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, in a move to appease Western critics but gave no sign of being ready to free the imprisoned opposition leader herself.
Europe's East 03-04-2013

Protests turn up the heat on Ukraine’s Yanukovich

Thousands of supporters of Ukraine's re-energised opposition movement rallied outside parliament yesterday (2 April) to press for early mayoral elections in Kiev, the biggest such action against President Viktor Yanukovich this year.
Energy 04-03-2013

Yanukovych prepared to offer Putin a gas deal

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych hinted that he might be ready to cede some control of his country's gas pipeline system that transports Russian gas to Europe ahead of a meeting today (4 March) with his Russian counterpart.
Europe's East 17-08-2012

Tymoshenko ally gets another prison sentence

  A Ukrainian court today (17 August) sentenced Yuri Lutsenko, an ally former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, to two years in prison. It marks the latest conviction in what opposition forces decry as political repression and the EU calls "selective justice."