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The Brief: LuxLeaks whistleblowers’ trial is a disgrace

It is hard to care about Luxembourg. But recently, I have developed strong feelings of dislike for it.
Euro & Finance 03-12-2014

Pro-Juncker coalition blocks committee of inquiry on Luxleaks

The leaders of the European Parliament's grand coalition have told their members not to support the Greens' proposal to create a committee of inquiry on tax evasion. The ecologists need around another 40 signatures in order to bring the proposal to a vote in Parliament. EURACTIV France reports
EU Elections 2014 07-11-2014

Juncker resists calls to face MEPs over ‘Luxembourg leaks’

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is reluctant to face MEPs next week, and shed light on whether the secret tax deals between more than 300 international companies and Luxembourg are in accordance with EU law.
Liberal leader Guy Verhofstadt [R] is not an active MEP [European Parliament]
EU Elections 2014 07-11-2014

Verhofstadt calls on Juncker to come clean

ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt called on Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to come clean Thursday (6 November), following revelations of massive tax-avoidance practices in his native Luxembourg, during Juncker's premiership.