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Enlargement 17-07-2013

Barroso tells Iceland to make up its mind on joining the EU

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso told the new eurosceptic prime minister of Iceland yesterday (16 July) that his country should decide “without further delay” if it wanted to continue accession negotiations, or abandon plans to join the EU.
Enlargement 04-02-2013

Iceland lowers mackerel quota to appease EU

Iceland has lowered its mackerel quota in a move that could ease the risk of the European Union barring Icelandic fishermen from its ports.
Enlargement 18-01-2011

EU to block mackerel landings from Icelandic boats

The European Union will block landings of mackerel from Icelandic boats at EU ports in a dispute over fishing quotas, a European Commission spokesman has revealed.