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Digital 11-07-2013

EU, industry to invest €22 billion in research and innovation

The European Commission, member states and industry will invest more than €22 billion over the next seven years in innovation. The investment will primarily go to special sectors via five public-private partnerships called Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs).
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EU and Gates Foundation sign disease research agreement

The European Union and the Bill & Melinda Gates today (10 June) pledged to pool resources for research into HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, malaria and other poverty-related diseases.
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Research Commissioner on Horizon 2020

Without more private R&D spending, Spain, Italy and others in the south may continue to lag as national governments and the EU are slashing money earmarked for research and innovation. Critics of government cuts say these risks are creating a vicious circle, discouraging business. 
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Economy & Jobs 05-11-2012

StartUp Europe Launch

As Europe faces its highest unemployment rate in more than two decades -- and hitting today's young adults particularly hard -- StartUp Europe is being established to stem the current "brain drain" of talent from the region and empower youth, technology and entrepreneurship. StartUp Europe is a centre of excellence to develop and support entrepreneurship and drive job creation in Europe and is a collaboration between Telefónica and the Lisbon Council - the Brussels-based think tank.
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Brussels presents bio-economy plan

The European Commission on Monday unveiled its new so-called "bio-economy" strategy. The plan wants to see Europe's economy make a transition to a post-petroleum era. By investing in innovation and technology, Europe hopes to develop cleaner and more sustainable ways to exploit its natural resources while at the same time creating jobs and staying competitive.??In the EU, the bio-economy already has a turnover of nearly 2 trillion euros and employs more than 22 million people.