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Global Europe 25-05-2022

Russia ready to allow ships leaving Ukraine with food in exchange of lifting of sanctions

Russia is ready to provide a humanitarian corridor for vessels carrying food to leave Ukraine, in return for the lifting of some sanctions, the Interfax news agency cited Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko as saying on Wednesday (25 May).
Global Europe 17-05-2022

US backs UN push to get Ukraine grain back to global market

The United States supports efforts by UN Secretary-General António Guterres to get Ukrainian grain back into the international marketplace amid the war, the US ambassador to the United Nations said on Monday (16 May).
Europe's East 06-05-2022

Nearly 25 million tonnes of grain stuck in Ukraine, says UN food agency

Nearly 25 million tonnes of grains are stuck in Ukraine and unable to leave the country due to infrastructure challenges and blocked Black Sea ports including Mariupol, a UN food agency official said on Friday (6 May).
Agrifood 10-03-2022

EU farmers boss: War might hit our food supplies, but will hit Africa, Middle East harder

The EU is unlikely to go hungry as a consequence of the war in Ukraine, but it could have a devastating impact on areas of Africa and the Middle East, according to farming boss Pekka Pesonen, who called on an 'enhanced' Green Deal package to maintain both quality and quantity in the European food supply.
Agrifood 28-01-2020

French MEP calls for ‘realism’ in Farm to Fork strategy

The plant protection part of the upcoming Farm to Fork strategy should take a realistic and science-based approach that allows farmers to “explore all possible solutions”, French conservative MEP Anne Sander told EURACTIV.
Agrifood 08-07-2016

EU kickstarts talks on new GMO approvals

The European Commission launched talks with member states today (9 July) to authorise two new GMOs, maize Bt11 and maize 1507, for cultivation in the EU.
Agrifood 18-09-2015

GMOs take root as a controversial answer to hunger in Africa

SPECIAL REPORT / For some experts, genetically modified organisms are the answer to Africa's harsh climate and low agricultural productivity. But for critics, dependence on powerful seed companies outweighs the benefits. EURACTIV France reports

EU lawmakers back 6% cap on food-based biofuels

The European Parliament's environment committee on Tuesday (24 February) backed a new limit on traditional biofuels made from food crops that critics say stoke inflation and do more harm than good to the environment.
Agrifood 11-06-2013

EU countries in deadlock over genetically modified maize approvals

EU member states failed on Monday (10 June) to agree on whether to approve three genetically modified maize varieties for use in food and feed.
Agrifood 05-10-2012

Food safety agency questions French GMO report

The European Food Safety Authority on Thursday (4 October) rebuked a French biologist’s study that questions the safety of Monsanto’s genetically modified maize and Roundup herbicide, saying in a preliminary report that the research was “of insufficient scientific quality.”

France suspends GM maize, citing new scientific evidence

French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced on 11 January 2008 that his country would invoke an EU safeguard clause enabling it to suspend the marketing and growth on its territory of a GM crop that has EU-wide authorisation.
Agrifood 31-10-2007

EU considers ‘pause for thought’ on GMOs

EU environment ministers have failed to agree to force Austria to lift a national ban on GMOs, highlighting deep divisions among the 27-member bloc over the issue.
Agrifood 30-10-2007

GMOs: ‘We shouldn’t mix the precautionary principle and public perception’

Amid persistent hostile European public opinion towards GM food, the executive director of green biotechnology at EuropaBio, Nathalie Moll, argues that GMOs should be authorised based on science and not public perception, and that member states need to avoid mixing authorisation of a product and people's right to choose whether or not to buy it.
Agrifood 30-10-2007

Interview: Biotech sector awaits further GMO approvals

Ahead of a meeting of EU environment ministers, European bioindustries and farmers urged member states to accept opening the EU market to more GM products. With a spectacular increase of 77% (in just one year) of GM-cultivated hectares in Europe, prospects for further growth in the sector are hampered by EU states' persistent reluctance to allow more transgenic crops onto the market.
Health 04-11-2005

Commission authorises import of GM maize 1507

After the Council failed to decide on the issue, the Commission has now adopted the proposed measures and authorised the import of GM maize 1507.
Agrifood 09-09-2004

Seventeen GM varieties approved but coexistence decision postponed

The Commission's decision to authorise GM maize seeds for marketing and cultivation across the EU has been criticised by environmentalists. The controversial issue of coexistence has been postponed.