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Europe's East 06-09-2019

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy blamed for the release of key MH17 suspect

A Ukrainian court on Thursday (5 September) released on bail a man suspected of involvement in the downing of a Malaysia Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine in 2014 that killed 298 people.
Global Europe 15-12-2016

EU summit extends Russia sanctions for six months, reassures Dutch over Ukraine deal

EU heads of state and government agreed tonight (15 December) to roll over sanctions against Russia over its actions in the Ukraine for a further six months, ticking off one element of an otherwise problematic and late-running summit.
Europe's East 12-08-2015

After Western food, now Putin burns Dutch flowers

A week after dumping illegally imported Western food, Russian authorities have started feeding Dutch flowers to the flames, saying they pose a safety risk.
Europe's East 13-02-2015

Hastily signed Minsk agreement forgot the perpetrators of MH17

Nervous reactions suggest that when German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande co-signed the Minsk agreement, they may have forgotten to include a very important text.
Europe's East 06-02-2015

Chizhov: Sending arms to Ukraine is ‘the worst possible idea’

The conflict in eastern Ukraine can only be resolved by political means. Arming Ukraine is the worst idea under present circumstances, Vladimir Chizhov, Russia's Ambassador to the EU, told EURACTIV, in an exclusive interview.
Transport 10-12-2014

EU mulls introducing flight-tracking unilaterally

The European Union is weighing plans to impose flight-tracking unilaterally in response to the disappearance of a Malaysian jetliner, threatening a backlash from airlines over timing and costs, people familiar with the matter said.
Europe's East 20-10-2014

Germany blames pro-Russian separatists for Malaysia airliner’s downing

Germany's BND, the first European foreign intelligence agency to say so, has concluded that pro-Russian rebels are to blame for the downing of Malaysia Airline MH17 in Ukraine in July, Der Spiegel weekly reported yesterday (19 October).
Global Europe 18-07-2014

EU official: Downing of Malaysian plane ‘provides opportunity’

As cynical as it may sound, an EU official said today (18 July) that the downing over Eastern Ukraine of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, “provides an opportunity”, for the first time, to have direct contact with pro-Russian separatists, in order to negotiate a ceasefire.

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