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Manufacturing at Heart

Whether you are a European decision-maker, employer, employee or a European citizen - you need to know why manufacturing is so important to the European economy. It provides jobs, growth, prosperity and through this gives us all hope for the future generations of our families.Learn more at: www.manufacturingatheart.eu

The Single Market should never be taken for granted

This week offers us an opportunity to look back at the significant achievements that have been made in opening up Europe's markets. There is no doubt that it has provided new opportunities to businesses and consumers, who can take advantage of a market place that boasts over 500 million consumers, writes Malcolm Harbour.
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Cybersecurity 02-10-2012

Cybersecurity in the EU: What’s at stake?

Cyberspace is a new and unfamiliar domain that has gradually become the 'nervous system' through which society operates. In a world where over 87% of the population are mobile users , the stark reality is that cyber security is a growing global challenge demanding rational and universal solutions. As governments, enterprises and consumers have become increasingly reliant on ICT solutions that integrate inputs designed, developed, coded and manufactured by multiple suppliers around the world, the scale of the cyber security challenge has grown exponentially.
Digital & Media 28-07-2009

Harbour: Public procurement to drive recovery

Public procurement should become the driver of new technology developments and the main vehicle for economic recovery, Malcolm Harbour MEP, the new head of the European Parliament's internal market committee, told EURACTIV in an interview.

MEP: Use procurement process to ‘leverage innovation’

Public authorities should back innovative SMEs from the beginning of the procurement process, regardless of whether their product or service ultimately wins a public contract, MEP Malcolm Harbour (EPP-ED, UK) told EURACTIV in an interview.