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  • EU ready to help Mali to rebuild its army

    News | Global Europe 30-01-2013

    The European Union has a vital role to play in rebuilding Malian army that is badly paid, poorly equipped and seriously weakened by a year of defeats, the commander of a new EU military training mission said yesterday (29 January).

  • Mali insurgents prepare for a long fight

    Opinion | Global Europe 18-01-2013

    After the French intervention, the jihadists in Mali will have an opportunity to use their superior knowledge of the terrain, local indigenous militia relationships, and guerrilla tactics to inflict casualties on their enemies, writes Stratfor. 

  • Cameron delays Europe speech because of hostage crisis

    News | Future EU 18-01-2013

    British Prime Minister David Cameron postponed a much-anticipated speech today (18 January) on Britain's future role in the European Union because of the hostage crisis at an Algerian gas plant where several Europeans were believed to be among those held. Aides said a new date would be announced later.

  • Algerian hostage crisis looms over EU meeting

    News | Global Europe 17-01-2013

    On the eve of an EU foreign ministers meeting today (17 January) dedicated to the Mali conflict, an al-Qaeda-linked group seized 41 Westerners at an Algerian gas plant, saying that French President François Hollande had opened ‘the gates of hell’ with his operation in neighbouring Mali.

  • In Mali, EU sees pressing need for long-term aid

    News | Development Policy 17-01-2013

    While France is engaged in a war with jihadists in Mali, EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels today (17 January) are expected to insist on the bloc's longer-term role, saying they will unfreeze development aid money as soon as the country commits to an election roadmap.

  • Barroso hails ‘courageous’ French action in Mali

    News | Global Europe 14-01-2013

    Paris poured more troops into Mali yesterday, after launching a mission to dislodge al-Qaeda-linked insurgents from the country's north on Friday (11 January), and taking many by surprise. European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, gave his support for the “courageous action of the French troops”.