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Global Europe 03-03-2016

O’Reilly slams Commission for failure on Vietnam human rights prior to trade deal

The European Commission has come under fire from the bloc’s Ombudsman over its failure to assess Vietnam’s human rights records prior to signing a Free Trade Agreement with the Asian state last year.

EU unveils e-border scheme amid ‘Big Brother’ warnings

Frequent travellers to the EU’s border-free Schengen area will be able to cross frontiers “in seconds” thanks to a special machine-readable card presented today (28 February) by the EU's Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

Inter-institutional row brews on Schengen

EU home affairs ministers voted unanimously yesterday (7 June) for the re-introduction of internal border controls in the Schengen area, dwarfing the decision-making role of EU institutions in that policy area. The Commission regretted the decision and MEPs vowed to reject the draft legislation. 

Libya immigrants to stay in Europe

The latest waves of immigrants arriving on the Italian island of Lampedusa are from Libya and cannot be sent back as they are fleeing a conflict zone. The European Commission has called on EU countries to help Italy share the burden.

France-Italy border row divides EU parties

The European Commission published yesterday (4 May) a proposal to better manage migration, following the diplomatic tensions between Paris and Rome over an arrival of some 25,000 illegal immigrants from Tunisia. The Commission paper was welcomed by the European People's Party and the Greens, and strongly criticised by the Socialists and Liberals.

Sarkozy, Berlusconi to propose Schengen ‘upgrade’

Italy and France will today (26 April) discuss changing rules that scrap border checks between EU countries, as French President Nicolas Sarkozy visits Rome seeking to ease tensions over North African immigration following the Arab revolutions.

EU seasick with African boat people

Italy quarrelled with other European Union governments yesterday (11 April) over how to handle thousands of migrants fleeing violence in North Africa, while the EU executive urged the bloc to do more for the refugees.

Displaced Eritreans to be relocated in EU countries

Returning from a visit to Egypt, Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said yesterday (24 March) that EU countries would be asked to help relocate on their territories a few thousand Eritreans stranded on Libya's borders with Tunisia and Egypt.

Tunisia boat people put EU to the test

The European Commission said yesterday (13 February) that it would help Rome to cope with the "exceptional pressure" created by thousands of illegal immigrants fleeing Tunisia for the Italian island of Lampedusa. Malta expressed fear that it would also become a landing point.

Court exposes appalling detention conditions in Greece

Belgium has been sentenced by the European Court for Human Rights for sending back to Athens an asylum seeker who entered the EU from Greece. The court ruled that Greece did not comply with minimum standards on the treatment of asylum seekers.

EU to step up efforts to tackle terrorism propaganda

With the number of terrorist attacks falling across the EU, Brussels is focusing its anti-terror efforts on stamping out terrorists' propaganda and training.