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Elections 02-06-2017

Booming Malta to deliver verdict on scandal-hit PM

Maltese voters head to the polls tomorrow (3 June) to deliver their verdict on a government hit by corruption allegations linked to the Panama Papers scandal, but fortified by a booming economy.

Sole EU minister named in Panama Papers is Malta’s Konrad Mizzi

Maltese journalists and bloggers have found that the only minister from an EU member state identified in the Panama papers of clients of tax evasion schemes is Malta’s Health and Energy Minister, Konrad Mizzi.
Elections 11-04-2003

Maltese voters set to reelect nationalist government on Saturday

Malta's Nationalist Party, led by Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami, is leading the polls with 49.7 percent of vote intentions ahead of the general elections, scheduled for 12 April.
Elections 12-03-2003

Malta calls early elections for 12 April

Two days after Maltese voters endorsed their country's bid to join the EU, Malta's Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami announced early parliamentary elections for 12 April.