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Germany to toughen restrictions on Syrian refugees

Germany wants to send more Syrian refugees back to other EU countries, an idea supported by many in the CDU, but heavily criticised by the SPD. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Germany debates bill to set gender quota on corporate boards

SPECIAL REPORT / A bill to introduce a quota for women in corporate leadership positions is up for approval in the Bundestag. Politicians, employees and unions are criticising the measure, saying it is full of gaps, even calling it unconstitutional. EURACTIV Germany reports.
“I am convinced that this law will bring about a cultural shift in the working world," said Manuela Schwesig, Germany's Federal Minister of Family Affairs in response to the gender quota. [Marcus Sümnick/Flickr]

Germany to legislate 30% women on company boards

Supervisory boards in Germany’s roughly 100 listed companies will be subject to a gender quota starting in 2016, requiring that 30% of these positions be filled by women. EURACTIV Germany reports.