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EU-China 04-12-2018

Xi Jinping heads to Portugal as China’s influence worries EU partners

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Portugal Tuesday (4 December) for a two-day visit to strengthen ties, amid concern in some EU capitals over China's growing influence on the continent.
Development Policy 04-05-2016

EU among donor groups suspending aid to Mozambique over hidden debt

Donor nations and institutions including the EU that contribute to Mozambique's state budget have suspended their support over revelations of $1.4 billion in hidden debt, officials said Wednesday (4 May).
Elections 25-01-2016

Centre-right candidate wins Portugal’s presidential election

Centre-right candidate Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa won Portugal's presidential election yesterday (24 January), an outcome that should help maintain political balance after a dramatic swing to the left in October's parliamentary ballot.