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Public Affairs 04-01-2017

Does corruption threaten Europe?

Current debate rarely attributes the rise of populism in European politics to the perceived prevalence of corruption. Yet public opinion often shows that citizens believe their representatives to be corrupt, write Laurence Cockcroft and Anne-Christine Wegener.
Brexit 13-07-2016

Scotland offers Europe hope after Brexit catastrophe

Scotland has not let Europe down; it has given the EU the opportunity to salvage something from the wreckage of Brexit, writes Mark Dawson.
Elections 12-11-2015

Don’t compare the Portuguese and Spanish elections

Given the predicted poll results ahead of December's Spanish elections, and the crisis in Catalonia, it would be over-simplistic, and probably wrong, to compare political developments in Spain and Portugal, writes Elisa Lledó.
Euro & Finance 19-03-2012

Spain in need of a second ‘Moncloa pact’

What Spain needs to face the external market pressure, and the internal social unrest is a wide political consensus among the political parties and the social partners, argues Cristina Manzano from the Madrid-based think-tank FRIDE.